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Beauty Tips


Mrs. Rees will be happy to assess the health and structure of your hair and create a recipe that works to keep your hair supple and shiny and  will work with your lifestyle and within your budget!

Our Shampoo, conditioner, hair and scalp treatments are natural and earth friendly! Your hair will love you for indulging in our luxurious treatments!

Try our Bamboo Moisture Hair treatment  today ~ with 89.9% natural ingredients - For normal, dehydrated hair 


It's so important to spend your time and money wisely, especially in today's day. We work hard and have very little time to spend on ourselves. After spending the time and money to get your hair beautifully coloured you want that colour to stay as healthy and rich as possible for as long as possible. With top of the line natural products and professional colour as well as expert guidance from Mrs. Rees... you'll be on top of the world with long lasting colour.

Try our White Tea Hair Treatment Set today ~ with 80% natural ingredients ~ for severely damaged hair


Are you a woman on the go? Do you style your hair daily? This puts a lot of stress on the hair if you're not using products  and equipment  that will help protect your hairs vitality... Mrs. Rees is here to help you and your hair be the very best and most beautiful you can be! With 30 years experience under her belt... she can guide you through a system that will suit your lifestyle. From in salon natural treatments to at home routines, Mrs. Rees will get your tresses healthy!

Try our Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set today ~ with 80% natural ingredients ~ for damaged hair

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