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For the Love of Food

IIt has occurred to me that we spend far too much time dreaming of things we would love to experience and rarely get to it. Possibly that is because we can't afford it or we just get so busy that we don't make the time or possibly by the time we can afford it and have time, we are unwell and now can't do it!

While designing this Vintage Bugle it occurred to me that I have an opportunity to bring a fantasy to my world instead of traveling to it... my question to you is... which room do I do this in?

  • Kitchen

  • Bedroom

After reading this ... I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on me creating a space in my home to take me to Paris!


Healthy Lifestyle Update

Today I would like to talk a minute about another diet plan. It is one that Charles Barkley promotes...

So, I don't do this often, however, I do at times. You know that time of weakness when you are packing up someone's box of candy to ship out to them on Free Shipping Tuesday and you are throwing candy into the box and think to yourself "Oh, I'll just have one. I'll count the calories" but then as soon as you get it into your mouth and taste it and realize you don't even really want it and that the whole thing was just a memory of habits you had before?... Well, at these times... as extremely rare as they are... I think of the words of Charles Barkley... and I spit it out into a tissue, throw it into the garbage, never to be thought of again.

On the rare occasion that this has occurred; 1. I have been alone with my thoughts, 2. I have not regretted the decision to not swallow the candy. Also, I should be specific, this has not occurred more than twice, and I DO indeed enjoy the choices to eat some sweets and I also do that rarely but choose more delightful things like home baking rather than Halloween candy. I am more a pastry girl. I love pie .... as many of you know. I love DARK chocolate ... Milk Chocolate can jump in a lake. I don't like sugar in my Hot Chocolate either... HOWEVER, smothered and covered in marshmallows.... OH, YA BABY! Marshmallows are my crack! I love EVERYTHING about them. The smell, the texture, the yummy taste. I especially love the gluten free ones! I really am not a fan of candy except for CANDY CORN! I know... you hate those right... their overly sweet vanilla waxiness is disgusting to you... but for me... Y U M M M Y Goodness! Oh, and I also like YORK PEPPERMINT PATTIES. I like those in the fridge, so they get really cold too. That makes them break on the bite easier and then they slowly melt in your mouth to that oooie gooie texture. So good! And that about covers the entirety of what I like in candy. One for Halloween and one for the Yuletide holidays and that's it. The rest of my sweet tooth adventures are all baked goods.

I only crave chocolate cake once in a blue moon... and I mean that (Blue moons are pretty rare!). I am not a huge fan of cake unless it is a dense fruit and nut cake or something like that... like a soul cake or Barmbrak cake or Black Cake (Rum Cake). I also enjoy a good Battenberg cake! Thank goodness for those local British shops we have in town now because I would hate making the Battenberg cake... way too fiddly.

My weakness is a really wonderful pastry. I love them all! So, if I am going to indulge in something sweet... that is my choice 100% of the time. Something home baked or something from a really great French bakery! I love French Macarons. I especially love Laduree', which can also now be found in Toronto and not strictly in Paris! Actually, they have expanded now to several cities but when I began following them online, it was way before that. I dream of this place. Maybe one day I will get the chance to dine here. It is the most beautiful place! I even have their cookbook, which also arrived in the prettiest box and tissue paper! Everything about them is delicate and magical from the moment your eyes land on the door to every single inch of the bakery!

Just writing to you about this place has made me dream of how to make a space in my house feel and look like this! It is all that I think a fairytale place should be. It's beautiful, delicate, and bewildering. AND honestly the best macarons I have ever tasted! I was gifted a box by a client who visited Paris and brought me some back (knowing my infatuation with them). I shared them all with my MATCH and my Mother-in-law! We cut them into three, each and every one and ate them together, counting to 3 before placing the delicate piece into our mouths.

On the Christmas that we knew would be my Mother-in-laws last Christmas, we ordered and had delivered the Laduree macarons and chocolate bars from Toronto. They came in a cool packed box and thermal bubble wrapped in a silver envelope! It was truly a surprise and most magical experience for us all. I have not had them since.

I also made a bear that was based on this theme... she was absolutely stunning... "the one that got away"... I should never have sold her! However, I am glad that she is with someone who loved her enough to buy her from me.

She had a double-jointed neck and could look all the way up and down and of course side to side. Her beautiful hand knitted long sleepy hat was knitted by my Mother-in-law and her ribbonwork collar was made by me along with the felted macarons. Jason made me the perfect Laduree bag. Her eyes are glass with felt eyelids and her paws are also wool felt. Her nose was felted and waxed. Her feature shadows are done with artist pens.

Have you ever met anyone so crazy about food?

It's so hard to lose weight! LOL!

I love food. I love the way it tastes, smells and especially the way it looks. If it is plated properly, it can be art in itself!


Parlour News

Barefoot Venus Gift Packages will be in soon!

Here is a perfect way to make sure your skin has all it needs to stay hydrated through the cold season! A selection of scents and types of hydration also makes this a great gift, travel set or sampler if you are new to Barefoot Venus!

The Miracle Goddess Bag:

  • Lemon Freckle Hand Cream

  • Ruby Red Argan Body Oil

  • Maple Blondie Lip Balm

  • Apricot Brandy Body Cream

  • Lavender Smoke Hand Repair

  • Included is a special coupon inside with an exclusive in Parlour offer!


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