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Go Green this Christmas

  • Choose reusable or homemade decorations

  • Have a zero-waste vegan meal

  • Use recycled wrapping for the gifts

  • Chose a sustainable tree

  • Buy ecofriendly useful gifts

  • Send ecards online

  • Choose ecofriendly crackers

  • Use decorative Led lights

  • Set thermostat for maximum energy savings


Give Good Gifts

Sustainable gift giving is what you give, what you don't give, how you give and how long the gift you give will last. That's a lot to think about during a busy time of year. So, here is a breakdown so that your gestures this season will come from your heart without taking from the planet.

First, consider buying nothing. Let's face it, there's a lot of "stuff" in our world already. According to Zero Waste Canada, "within 6 months of the holidays, only 1% of everything the average person buys is still in use, and the other 99% has been discarded." This is alarming! (Especially since we're spending an estimated $1,276 per person.) So, before you head to the mall, the market or online, begin your gift-searching quest with some creative thinking.

Give services instead of goods. The gift of helping others with cleaning, organizing, yard work, car washing, running errands or cooking will likely be appreciated for a long time past the holidays. It's the thought that count and personal touch makes every gift more meaningful. Purchasing a gift certificate from a local business who offers services, like a hair service for instance, dinner out or a pedicure is a great way to offer a service gift and support local.

Invest in experience. Here's some ideas that might work: Gift a meal together at a favorite restaurant, tickets to a concert, play or sports game. We have a few great theaters right here in town and others that are easy to get to with simply a short drive. Visit a museum or gallery, again we have several within our area or take a trip to Ottawa or Toronto. Sign up for classes in some art or craft, pottery or cooking classes are just a couple that are easily found right here in Belleville. Plan a camping trip for the spring/ summer season... give someone something to look forward to.

Gift a gift that makes an impact. A charity donation in the recipient's name is a thoughtful gesture. Select a cause close to the recipient's heart and donate to a charity that makes a real impact locally or globally. Choose a local business who has made it through the pandemic but may still be struggling and donate by sending them a money transfer with nothing expected in return! Many local businesses have now been asked to pay ALL their CERB money back, adding up to between $18000 - $20000+... I am sure it would be a well-received gift. We have not yet seen all the effects of the ripples caused by the pandemic closures.

Choose earth friendly gifts that are made locally. Choosing to support a local artist is a gift that supports the economy and if you choose something earth friendly, it's a win win! Sweet Pea & Grey Hare candles are earth friendly along with so many other items that you can choose from the local artisan shows or new artisan shops. Choosing these kinds of places to shop is always better and offers the recipient a more exciting experience.


4 Ways to Spread Joy this Season

  1. Grab some of your Neighbours and go door to door singing your favorite carols.

  2. Visit a local senior home and get to know some of the people who live there. Likely, they have wonderful stories to share. can't commit to a visit? Call the community coordinator to arrange to send cards or letters to the residents for the holidays.

  3. Offer to babysit so parents get an unexpected date night or a much-needed break from the kids.

  4. Next time you buy a coffee, pay for the person after you.


Some Almanac weather predictions for December:


Much of Ontario will see a warmer than normal winter, at times resembling spring!

The season should start late and end early. With a lack of persistent artic air, lake effect snow should be minor on the easter shores. Any storms passing through should include a rain or ice component since a lack of cold air will make it difficult to have storms that are entirely snow.

One exception to this is northwestern Ontario, where it may be possible to have enough could air at times for systems entirely made up of snow.

A green Christmas is likely over southwestern Ontario, and likely overall snowpack for the province should be much below normal! THANK YOU, El Nino!


Holiday Hours will soon be upon us! Depending on how busy I am I will be opening every day of the week if needed. THANK YOU! Please keep checking and please be sure to get your HOLIDAY HAIR appointment booked so you are not disappointed.

I will be closed from January 1st to January 7th.


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