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New Book Club meets Stitch & Story

Hey there wonderful Stitch & Story Community...


I am so excited to announce the launch of a New Stitch & Story! Begining at April's Stitch & Story I am adding a second element to our gatherings!


For the past year we have been listening to stories (with a few acceptions where we chatted instead). It's been wonderful listening to Stewart McLean ... but the fact is... I am running out of his stories and unfortunately he has now crossed the viel so, we are out of luck for anything new.


So, I've decided to incorporate a Book Club aspect of the gathering.


This is not just any book club...

This is a very special book club!

All the authors we will be reading are women!


AND we are going back in time and reading the books that we may have even read before by re-reading them from this perspective, at the age we are now. We will reflect then on how the words might move us in a different way than they did when we first read the book. Because the books we will be reading are from the past, we already know that these books will be GOOD BOOKS and ones that we already love! And maybe the books will be new to you... but tried and true award winners or books well known by others.


I am so excited to be making these changes to Stitch & Story and I hope you will agree that this is taking our gatherings up a notch and it's going to be really, really great!


Although I encourage you to join in and read the book each month... that is not to say that ALL of you must read the book in order to attend the gathering... but it is to say that when we meet we will engage in a discussion about the book of the month so reading or listening to the book is encouraged.


Here's to turning pages that stir the soul!

Topics of Books

I will be trying to choose older books, to keep costs down on buying although, don't forget the local library which also carries the ebooks.


If you do not already have the Kindle App... please consider downloading it. I will try to help anyone who is unsure of how to get an ebook onto the app.


I will be doing my best to offer an ebook version at no cost to you as often as possible... but you will need the Kindle app to use it.


All of our books will be by female authors for this year.


Our first book is seen below, and this will be the topic of discussion at APRIL's Stitch & Story. March we will end our Stories with Stewart McLean and will discuss the plan moving ahead for the future gatherings.



Book Of The Month ~ April, 2024:


The Knitting Circle


After experiencing the tragic loss of her young daughter, Mary Baxter can barely function. Her mother recommends that she attend a knitting circle at the local yarn shop. At first resistant, Mary eventually attends and finds solace in the meditative act of knitting and in the community of the other knitters. The Knitting Circle is a novel about grief, hope, and the healing powers of creativity and friendship.


I thought that this book seemed absolutely perfect for a very first book for our Knitting Circle ~ Stitch & Story! I have not read this one yet myself... so YAY!


Please do not hesitate to sign up for the April Meeting! It is already posted and there are limited spaces.


My goal is to join women through connections. Knitting and reading are both great ways to connect! We will revisit the classic stories through a new perspective. Hopefully we will nurture new friendships. This is a great way for women to connect through shared experiences!


I look forward to seeing you there!


Please reach out if you would like me to try to send you the ebook for you to download to your Kindle.


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