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The Twist

This was a challenging weekend but ... I'm still here.

Firstly, it was a wonderful new experience for Norman Bates. We headed down to Chinlock Wrestling and spent a really fun evening with friends. Norman did amazingly well until the flies came and would not leave him alone. His whole-body trembling, even his tongue, I decided to take him home and then came back to help the Chinlock clan tear down all. Jase had already done most of our personal tear down, but it was good to help our extended family!

Some really incredible photography by our friend TJ. It was such a fun day!

And although I did eat some good healthy food, I also ate some not so good stuff. I made Rice Crispy Squares for my neighbours and so brought some of those and some gluten free brownies for my MATCH to share with everyone. It was delightful. But once I start... it's hard to stop.

A late night getting home, and it was a pizza and then more sweets. The next day I finished the pizza and sweets and then today I am back onto a healthy eating plan. So, my ONE MEAL turned into two days of fun but hey, that's life. I really enjoyed it and I think that is the key to life. If you are going to do something, make sure you REALLY enjoy it. Don't beat yourself up over it. Make it good and then get back onto whatever will keep you healthy.

Chinlock Wrestling will be back soon so if you are looking for something really fun to do... join us there!


This post is called The Twist because I want to touch on how others try to twist things sometimes and I want to remind you that that is not yours to take on.

Recently I met someone who I thought I might be able to start a friendship with. We seemed to have some things in common. Slowly I started to feel that I might be wrong, but I continued to try. Then I came to the conclusion that this was not going to work and so sent her an email to say goodbye. She replied with an email that I was rude and that I feel that the world revolves around me... which is not true and many of you know this about me. I'm not going to defend myself to her or you. I know who I am.

This is not the point of this post however... what is, is this: Recently I also removed 600+ people off my FB page that is my personal page. The reason being these are not my friends. FB can say they are, but they aren't, and I am tired of people hanging around my page snooping my life. Through covid we saw all kinds of this going on, and people had strong opinions about their views on the things happening with the pandemic. I am cool with that... and guess what? You have your own page to post your views on... so do that. But when people come into your life with their views and start causing drama... I have no time for that.

I have had a lot of time to think about life, I am no spring chicken, I have gone through tears, crying over other points of view, worrying that they don't like me, allowing them to manipulate me etc. I let that all go a long time ago. I am me and you are you and it is okay if we don't hit it off, and if we do hit it off... how awesome! But YOU don't HAVE TO have people in your life that make you feel uncomfortable. YOU also do not need to be a jerk about it.

TIME is the one thing we can't get back. I have been taught this lesson way too many times in this life. Lost loved ones to murder and illness and I just can't get past it. I can't allow myself to waste time on something that just isn't working out. So, I say goodbye. I wish them well for the rest of their journey.

They get mad often. They feel out of control. But that is on them.

I shared this news with a friend and explained I was kind but honest and her reply was "You won't make a lot of friends being honest but you will make the right ones!" Wise words and I am good with not having a lot of friends and just having the right ones!

So, if you feel you are being manipulated, you are somewhere you no longer mesh, you feel stressed every time you are there etc. It's okay to let that go. Walk away, start a new journey. Sometimes, most times, it's really hard to do. Sometimes there are repercussions of doing this but as bad as that might seem now... in the end, you can't have change without an ending. ENDING SOMETHING IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A NEW BEGINNING.

Don't do the Twist... Do the Electric Slide. Slide out of that situation and allow room for something new.



Today one of my family members is at the doctors to get his teeth cleaned... Mr. Bates. It feels really odd not having him here with us today and I worry as does Mr. Rees. But he is with the very best people and our extended family at Rossmore Animal Clinic! He is in good hands. It was hard to walk away from him as we put him in his BIG waiting cage. This was the first time we have had a doggie that had to go in the BIG cell. I could lay in there with him is was so big.

Norman was brave and did not cry. He was nervous as we all are in these situations but he is going to be fine. I can't wait to see those shiny teeth and I vow to continue to brush them each night. He is amazing at letting me brush his teeth. He will even let me use the electric toothbrush!

I have a short day today so that I can take him home and stay by his side as he comes out of his anisthetic, just as he has done for me and Jase in the past. This is what you do... when a friend asks for help... YOU HELP! He may not be able to ask in words but his rubbing his face on the corners of the wall constantly showed me that his gums are sore. So, today we get that sorted and I will have an afternoon helping him to come back to his senses!

See you soon Norman.


Have a great day everyone! I promise, I am back on my healthy BLUE ZONE eating plan. I'll try to post a dish recipe soon!


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