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Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! 

This is one of my favorite days of the year. Today marks the longest night or shortest day of the year. From tomorrow forward our days begin to get longer and longer! Tonight is a great day for divination and meditation. It is a great day for going inward and welcoming the darkness which will soon make way for the light. Make plans today for adding some space into your life. A friend recently wrote of how she is making space in her life instead of trying to fill every single moment she is creating space to allow for some room for magickal things to happen. 

I thought is was a wonderful post and it is what I have been trying to do for the past year. So, today I would like to make this suggestion to you... make room to allow chance happenings to happen. Leave time unscheduled so that when someone reaches out and asks you to do something with them you can say yes. Leave room for moments when you might see an event happening in your area and then you can choose to go at the last minute... you never know what having open doors might bring to your life. Even if you never fill those moments with particular things to do... even if you Do NOTHING... I guarantee... you will be doing a lot! Peace for your heart and mind is the most beautiful gift we can offer to ourselves. Stay off social, do a facial or read a book outside in the forest... the possibilities are endless. Make time for the people that mean the most to you so you can create more memories with them. 

This is my wish for you, this Solstice. I wish you space and time! 



I would like to share with you a Winter Solstice Meditation that I wrote and recorded,

Even if you have never meditated before this is a meditation that I think you can accomplish. It's a story of light.

Simply wear comfortable clothing, light your favorite candle (if you wish), cover yourself with a blanket, sit or laydown somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed, relax and push play.


Wishing you all a very Happy RETURN of the SUN!

Yultide Blessings to you and yours!


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