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Yes, I do modern styling... in a MCM setting!




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Mrs Rees' VBP is a a vintage experience but with all the modern luxuries. Mrs. Rees understands how to pamper you. The Parlour is set in a MCM style while also encorporating a spiritual vibe.Mrs. Rees is a colour technician and haircutting specialist... in MODERN styling and Vintage styling. Mrs. Rees is a cosmic alchemist, Reiki practitioner, crystal healer, and offers many spiritual and vintage services. 

Mrs. Rees also owns Sweet Pea & Grey Hare Candle Co. Spiritual and every day candles are custom scented for your enjoyment. Choose from intention candles filled with crystals and herbs to beautiful everyday candles with names based on amazing books and movies etc. They will inspire and alight your senses!

Mrs. Rees is a Reiki Pactitioner, crystal healer, sound healer, and Tarot reader.  Book a  "Healing Haircut" or add on a Healing Service to your hair service session and give yourself the gift of calmness and healing.

"Step into a world of vintage glamour!"

Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour is a pamp-tastic experience. I specialize is vintage styling from 1920's to 1960's. I also love modern styling and colouring. Mrs. Rees has been in the hair and beauty industry since 1986. Her experience as a colour technician, curly hair and cutting specialist is outstanding. Red Seal Certified and Licensed you are in good hands with her!

Although my Parlour is retro / MCM styled beauty parlour and I have taken a lot of time to make your experience as authentic as possible, I do use the most luxurious modern products, techniques and equipment to pamper you.

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