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Healing Services

Reiki / Essential Oil / Tarot

Mrs. Rees Reiki Session with Crystals 1.jpg

Usui, Celtic, Karuna Ki
& Animal Reiki

Mystic Mondays  ~ Now Boooking

Usui Reiki is a Japanese technique and sacred practice used for relaxation that also promotes healing. It is done through touch. A warm and soothing energy flows from  the hands releasing tension.

$85 per 60 min session

Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki is one of many modern Reiki modalities of energy healing. Celtic Reiki combines the healing energy of Japanese Reiki and the healing energy British trees.Each species of tree has its own unique healing qualities. In fact, all trees and plants do, but as Celts and Druids, we have chosen to work with the traditional trees of the ogham, to recapture the healing knowledge of the ancient Celts and Druids.

$85 per 60 minute session

Karuna Ki Reiki

Karuna Reiki is a system that has a higher vibrational approach than what we’re used to in Reiki Usui.

This Reiki system consists of many meditations with the Ascendant Masters, angels, and Archangels. Learning how to accept, understand, and forgive is the core of Karuna Reiki and I dare to say of Reiki in general. Karuna is simply more focused on this Compassionate aspect and allows the practitioner to go deeper than with other systems.

$85 per 60 minute session

Distance healing is available for either of these types of Reiki Healing. $60

Animal Reiki

All living beings can benifit from Reiki healing energy. Choose between an In Person session or Distance Healing.

See pricing in Service Bookings. A consultation is required prior to booking this service. 

Healing Haircut image Mrs. Rees.jpg

Healing Haircut

One of the most unique experiences you can do for yourself. I have elevated the definition of ‘self-care’ and have taken it to a whole new level. A private haircut in my serene Parlour. Complete with A hair treatment, reiki, crystals, and so much more. 


Each service is specially tailored to your needs & soul desires. 

More often than not, we change our hair to mark, or invite, some sort of transition. The end of a relationship, The start of a new job, A change in seasons, Trauma, Illness, the list goes on. Or perhaps we just feel a bit rubbish and need a shake-up. But whatever the reason, one thing is evident: there is waaaay more happening here than just a haircut and this is the perfect time to book a Healing Haircut.

2 Hours of Bliss


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Coming Soon...

A very magickal session with me as your Fairy Godmother. 

Salagadoola menchicka boola


Put 'em together and what have you got?


This session with me will be customized to your needs. From Reiki to Crystal Healing, a very magickal gift made by a Canadian artist, lunch together, meditation, spell work, wands (fire), swords (air), Cups (water), we will begin building a new foundation (pentacles) for you to move forward... and so soooooo much more. 

This is session is for those of you that want to experience even more than Reiki Healing and want a more Magickal immersive experience. You will spend 4 hours with me and together we will create the most magickal experience for you.

Perfect for times of being stuck, new beginnings, releasing unwanted energies, adding elements of protection, finding yourself and meeting your spirit guides... I will guide you and create the most perfect one on one session where you are Cinderella for an afternoon... and I am your Fairy Godmother.

Now salagadoola means menchicka boolaroo
But the thingamabob that does the job is

4 Hours of Magick



Tarot Reading

While you wait, take in some down time with Mrs. Rees and add on a Tarot card reading to your service. 

As an add on 3 Card Reading $20 

As an add on 5 card Reading $30

As an add on 9 card $40

Tarot Only: $110 - $150 depending on the number of cards we are reading.

Tarot card reading with Mrs. Rees.jpg
Essential Oil Hand Massage with Mrs. Rees.jpg

Essential Oil Hand Massage

Our hands are used daily, exposed to almost everything and we just don't think of how much our hands give to others. You will be amazed by the amount of comfort and relazation you encounter by having this increadible service. Why not add it to your colour service and experience this while you wait. 

Add on service $28

Individual service $56

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