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Meet Mrs. Rees
Mater Stylist/ Colour Technician /Owner/ Crystal Healer
Alchemist/ Reiki Master/ Tarot/ Yogi/ Breathwork/ Sound

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This beauty parlour is a dream come true... after a long career in hair and makeup Mrs. Rees has so much to offer and wants to bring back the romance of beauty. As men are becoming more and more pulled to the new barbershop, Mrs. Rees wanted to bring back a real Beauty Parlour. This is a place where hair will be styled and women will be able to enjoy each others company, share stories and not be treated like a number. This is a place where parties will take place, where classes will help you to become more confident in styling your own hair and doing your own makeup, where you can be you, have a new look, share a fantastic story over a tea and cake and where you will get the very top service with the newest products and equipment all in a 1940/ 1950's setting. It's a perfectly girly place where you will always feel pretty and will always be appreciated.

Mrs. Rees began her hair career in 1986 and has been styling quaffs ever since. Her journey through hair started as most stylists do, as a student, then an apprenticeship and then as a top stylist in Toronto working at one of the top salons. She began to extend her hair experiences by starting up a small mobile business and on the weekends volunteered her services to retirement homes styling residence hair so they would look and feel their best when their family members came to visit them on Sunday. This began a long time love of roller sets and listening to the stories of days gone by. Mrs. Rees became quite intrigued by the history surrounding her profession and eventually lead her to film where she specialized in period hair styling and makeup.

Mrs. Rees has volunteered with the "Look Good Feel Better" program and enjoyed years of teaching women to make themselves over so they would feel beautiful even through their difficult journeys. It has been very rewarding and she loved spending time with them. After years of teaching international students as the head of the hair department for a film school and later as the administrator/ instructor to a cosmetology school, teaching hundreds of women and men the art of hair and makeup... it became apparent that she should open her own Beauty Parlour. 

Mrs. Rees is a technical adviser for colour, is a cutting specialist and a vintage expert... so whether you want a modern style with the pampering of days gone by or if you want a vintage makeover and photo shoot... this is your gal.

Mrs. Rees is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide and Reverand, Mrs. Rees offers Healing services in ceremonial Reiki, and Healing Haircuts using Saining / Crystals / Reiki / Tarot and more. Breathwork, Sound, and a Yogi sessions are custom designed for each client. Offering workshops outside of her Parlour hours you can experience the Full Moon (among other things) with Mrs. Rees as your guide.

We are happy to offer you the very best services with the highest quality equipment and products in a truly luxurious and pampering environment ~ 1950's Hollywood glamour style!




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