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Cherry Pie Logo 2020

Welcome to Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Palour's Cherry Pie Pinup Pageant!

We will be hosting 2020 Miss Cherry Pie, Date :  Saturday, September 19th

Please READ ALL the information below... it will help you understand how to sign up and all information about the pageant!

Sign up at the bottom of this page! 

Please use our sign up form ~ located at the bottom of this page!!!

When:  September 19th, 2019

Where: 50's & 60's Rock N Roll Music Festival in Cherry Valley

Time:  to be announced

Where does the entry money go:

We will be donating the majority of the money collected, other than that used to reclaim the cost of the pageant itself (which is very little thanks to all our sponsorship) to the Garrettfest charity, to raise funds for the Garrett Mills Memorial Award.  The Award will be given to a deserving student graduating from the Napanee District Secondary School.  The Award will be presented by Garrett’s parents Buzz Collins and Gwen Mills at Garrettfest each summer!

Please note the new addition of Miss Phili Ann Mills going to the person that raises the most amount of money for our charity! This person will be awarded the Miss Phili Ann Mills position!!!


Some lucky Doll will be crowned Miss Cherry Pie! & Miss Pili Ann Mills!!!

Miss Phili Ann Mills Award - Raised the most funds for the charity!

~ Tiara and sash


1st Place Prizes: ($ to be determined)

~ Miss Cherry Pie Tiara and Sash


2nd Place Prizes: ($ to be determined)

~ Miss Cherry Sunday Sash



* dates for booking and area restrictions will apply at the discretion of the provider of the prizes.

Entry Fee and Entry Info:

Entry fee is $50 (Proceeds go to The Garrett Mills Memorial Award (Garrettfest) to be delegated to help someone in need)

Once I receive your registration - the form filled out at the bottom of this page, I will send you an email with payment instructions to receive this entry fee and secure your spot in the Pageant!

There are three different categories of dress for this Pageant:


1.Miss Cherry Pie 2019 ~ Pageant Winner

2. Second Place Miss Cherry Cupcake ~ Runner Up

Special award to Miss Philly Ann Mills - Awarded to the Women to raise the most amount of money for our charity!!!

Come dressed to impress! Wear your cutest Vintage Style (from 1920's to 1960's) flapper, swing or wiggle dress, peddle pusher pants/ skirt and pretty blouse!

There will be three judges and one photographer including:

This Years Photographer ~ Mrs. Michele Rees: Creator of Miss Cherry Pie Pinup PageantOwner of Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour, instructor,  colour expert & technical advisor, cutting specialist, photographer, film & theater hair and makeup artist


Jason Rees - Graphic design genius. A background in makeup and being a friend to the Mills family Jason is the perfect person to help judge our competition this year!

Krystal Lee: Is an award winning pinup model who loves all things vintage; From the music, to fashion and vintage cars. She creates and designs vintage accessories such as turbans to be worn and adored by all. Her Philosophy is that there is room within the pinup community for all women. She is here to inspire women and to encourage them to let their unique personalities shine, chase their dreams and most importantly to have fun doing it.

Kali Pearl: is a teacher and school administrator by day, roller derby gal by night, and a square dancer on the weekend. She was also the winner of the 2019 Miss Cherry Pie Pageant and one of the judges at the inaugural 2019 Miss Macabre Pageant. When she’s not wrangling cats, you’ll find her cozied up at home with her mister and her rug rat whipping up something fab or catching the latest flick. Miss H is a proud supporter of Mrs. Rees’ pageants and the Garrett Mills Memorial Award and hopes to inspire women to embrace their unique gifts and grace to make a positive impact in their world.

Our Pageant MC:

Once again we are thrilled to have Buzz Collins joining us to MC our Pageant. Buzz is a radio Broadcaster for Rock 107 and is the father of Garrett Mills. Buzz is also an incredible Hypnotist/ Mentalist 


Judging Criteria

Most money raised for our charity

Total Look





Crowd Appeal

Stage Presence

Wow Factor

How it works:

Each Doll will have approximately 2 minutes on stage. You will be required to execute 3 pinup poses for our photographer while on stage (Sass/ Strut), You will be asked one question by our Judges (Stage Presence). You will be required to pass in any pledges and your pledge sheets at the judges table, prior to leaving the stage, in order to receive your points in that section of the judging.

By signing up you agree to pay the entry fee of $50 - once you have signed up I will send you an invoice for the entry fee. Your spot will not be held in the contest until this fee is paid in full. There are no refunds on entry fees.

You agree to have fun and show off your true pinup style in a professional manner. The event is taking place in a public outdoor space and should be treated as such!

You agree to be a good team player and support your competitors. 

Ages 19+ and up 

All shapes and sizes are welcome in this pageant!

We encourage you to enter and show off YOU!

If you are not interested in signing up and can not find a pinup associated with our pageant to place a pledge you may send a donation using the button below. Please comment Garrettfest 2020 in the donation comment section so we will be sure to get the funds to our charity of choice! THANK YOU for your donations!

We are still adding information to this page so please return to check that you have all the information you require!

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For Cherry Pie Pinup Pageant...

Success! Congratulations and Thank you for your application received. You will receive an invoice for your entry fee shortly!

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