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Pink Ladies

This class has been caringly designed for women recently diagnosed with cancer. Together we are stronger and in this one class you will learn to see your strength, meet new friends and feel your beauty! We will tackle things such as makeup application and how to care for your sensitive skin and so much more. We will share with you where to shop for the very best products while you are being pampered and enjoying nutritious healthy snacks and drinks that will fill your body with energy to help fight your battle. You will leave with tips and tricks to help you, a goody bag filled with just what you need to remind you of the fun you had with Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour.

$100 per person (4 minimim 8 maximum)  50% donated to the cancer society

Blowdry Class

In this class I will teach you how to achieve those illusive styles that you want but just can't seem to achieve. From blow dry techniques, to curling and product usage that will help you and your hair... this is the class for you!

1 - 1.5 hour class    Private (1 on 1 class)  $125

The Dating Game

If its been awhile since you had to prepare for a date, this class may be just what you need. Included are a new hair cut and a lesson on how to style it yourself at home. A private makeup lesson ~ we will find just the right colours for your beautiful eyes and lips. We will go through your makeup bag and learn what to hold onto and what to let go of. You will leave with confidence that you can recreated this look at home yourself... or at least have a very good head start... practice makes perfect right! And a social media image... if chosen.

2 - 3 hour class    Private (1 on 1 class)   $210+ customizable class

Pinup Girl Class

This package included a hair and/or makeup lesson with Mrs. Rees herself. Techniques to achieve the perfect retro looks will be shared throughout this workshop so you can practice them yourself at home. Don't forget practice makes perfect so don't give up even if it doesn't come to you immediately. This class will give you the structure and information on being able to reach those pinup girl beauty goals.

2 - 3 hour class    Private (1 on 1 class)     $200 per hour/ 2 hour minimum

Golden Girls

This class is dedicated to all the 60+ bomshells... We will take a look together at your makeup cases, decide what we need and what we need to let go of. Together we will learn to do a makeup application that is going to make you look and feel beautifully you.

2 hour class    $50 per person (4 to 8 women)


Rejoining the workforce? Have a job interview but you've been a stay at home mom for a while and not sure how to get yourself prepared? In this class we will learn a daytime makeup application, we'll learn how to blow dry our hair and even some tips on how to change that daytime makeup into a night time cocktail party in just 5 minutes.

1.5 hour class Private(1 on 1 training)   $150

Beauty and the Beast

This is a bonding class for daddy and his daughter or daughters. Daddy will learn how to do all the coolest things. from Brushing to Braiding.... this class will be a day to remember... photo booth opportunity to save that day forever!

1 - 1.5 hour class  $50 per Dad Kids free (4 to 8 dads)

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