Garret Mills Memorial Award ~ Garrettfest

Garrett Mills a local, Napanee boy who passed far too young.

In 2017 Garrett was playing with friends at a nearby park when a tragic accident occurred taking Garrett's life. He was  "having the best day of his life", hanging out with friends when a Soccer net that was not secured properly in this public space,  fell onto him.

Garrett asked his father only 4 days before what a legacy was... Buzz Collins explained it to him only to have Garrett reply that he hoped to leave a legacy one day.

Let's do our part together to help make that come true for a young man with a good heart that died far too soon. 

Lets help make the Garrett Mills Memorial Award as wonderful as it possibly can be for a child in Napanee this year and each year to come!

To Gwen and Buzz and the whole family, I send my deepest condolences and love! 

Thank you for supporting our chosen charity and in that making Garrett's dream of becoming a LEGACY come true!!!


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