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Freyja ~ Norse Goddess

Most renowned of the Norse goddesses, who was the sister and female counterpart of Freyr and was in charge of love, fertility, battle, and death. Her father was Njörd, the sea god. Pigs were sacred to her, and she rode a boar with golden bristles.


She is associated with sex, lust, beauty, sorcery, gold, war, and death. The name Freyja means “Lady”, and it can, for instance, also be spelled, Freya, Freja, Fröja, Frøya.


Freyja is a teacher of seidh and other forms of intuitive magic.  For the aspiring magician who is trying to grasp the Northern cosmos or engage it in spiritual practice She is excellent to reach out to.  She is also good at spiritual protection; in the Lay of Hyndla in the Poetic Eddas she is seen as removing the curse from a potion that was meant for one of Her people, and calling down a ring of fire to bar the giantess Hyndla from attack.  She is also one of the Vanir, Gods known for their powers of foresight.


Freyja is a priestess, known as Blotgydja, the Priestess of the Sacrifice.  She has a lot to teach about ritual and practice and especially offerings and sacrifices.  I call on Her as Blotgydja when preparing ritual space.


Freyja is warm, loving, and protective towards Her people.  She can be challenging when She thinks that we can handle it because She wants us to be strong, but it is never with an eye towards harming us. Having Her as a presence in your life is a blessing all of its own, and Her gifts, Her foresight, and Her protection are all side benefits of having the honor of having a relationship with the Lady.

Notes: Rose & Ancestral Spice

Crystals: Bloodstone, Citrine,Jade, Moonstone, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz

Herbs: Jasmine, Rose, Violet


Bloodstone from ancient times it was considered a valuable stone for healing and banishment of negativity and it is said would guide people who were lost. Worn on the arm by a warrior, it will help any wounds received during battle to stop bleeding quickly. It may also be worn on the breast to keep warriors feeling courageous and strong and to keep their morale high, even after grievous casualties. It calms fears. It is a stone that helps us to connect more deeply with our ancestors.


Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Sign: Aries, Pisces, Scorpio

Chakra Classification: Root


Citrine It is said that citrine will never be affected by negative energy and as such, it never needs to be cleansed. It's bright and sunny colouring helps us to celebrate goddess Brigid more deeply. Citrine dispels negative thoughts and energy and helps bring about joyful feelings and a joyful atmosphere. It helps to increase self-esteem and focus. Citrine can also be used to dispel nightmares. Citrine is used for drawing joy, wealth and abundance. Because it is tenaciously positive, it can be used to cleanse other stones.


Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Deities: Freyja

Sign: Mercury

Chakra Classification: Solar Plexus


Jade: Symbolizes renewal. It is considered a lucky gem in many cultures and is frequently worn as an amulet. It is a powerful healing stone for the heart. It will transmute the negative energies surrounding you and release it into positive vibrations of love and joy that will benefit everyone in your environment. This stone aids in realizing that we are all spiritual beings on the journey of human life, and in turn helps one in becoming who they truly are in this physical life. 


It is an incredible ally in understanding and connecting with nature; allowing one to work directly with nature energy and integrate it with their own energetic field. This helps to nurture your chi energy, just like the trees, giving it a strong root of love in the heart so it can steadily increase, grow, and flourish. Green Jade will also aid in maintaining the connection to nature energy, even when one is away from nature.


Element: Water

Planet: Mother Earth

Deities:Divine Master of the Heavenly Origin, Yuanshi Tianzun

Sign: Pisces and Cancer

Chakra Classification: Sacral or Third Eye


Moonstone: Is extremely balancing for women and is wonderful for using in fertility spells. This does not mean pregnancy in a physical aspect (baby) but can be bringing forth other new things in your life (spring). It promotes femininity and helps us to become more aware of our own self beauty and the beauty around us.


Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Deities: Freyja, Aphrodite

Sign: Cancer, Pisces

Chakra Classification: Sacral


Red Jasper symbolizes will power. It was once concered the "warrior's stone". 


Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Deities: Freyja, Cerridwen, Isis, Bona Dea, Callisto

Chakra Classification: Root

Star Sign: Aries and Virgo



Jasmine has the special honor of being chosen for sensual and spiritual workings alike. Its two main uses are love spells and divination.An undisputed Lunar herb, Jasmine is an appropriate choice for all manner of moon magick: Prophecy, dreaming, attraction, and so on. Jasmine especially corresponds to the Waxing Moon. Like the Maiden, its beauty is intoxicating and its bloom is brief. It is used in love-drawing magick, and is said to attract spiritually pure love (as opposed to spicy flings). Respect the mystery of this ancient flower, and it will reward you with clear vision and deep love.


Rose Petals are used for love, attraction, self love and intimacy. Roses have a long history as a flower of love. They are one of the most common ingredients in love spells. The magickal properties of rose include love, luck, friendship, protection and happiness. Rose Enhances female intuition, Psychic work and dream work, Protection, Luck, Avoidance of conflict, Beauty, Confidence, Sexuality and Truth.


Violet there is too much folklore around violets to list here but it is one of the magickal flowers mentioned in several stories. Wild violets are one of the most used flowers in love spells. Violets are also used for dreaming of your true love, wish magic and beauty enhancement spells.


A beautiful glass jar presentation. It is not recommended to blow out your candle. Snuff your candle with a snuffer or you can use the metal lid of your candle. Blowing is thought to put the two elements of air and fire against each other which can disrupt the energies within your space. 


All candles are handmade and therefor they are completely OOAK. This means that your candle may not look exactly like the candle pictured but they are all made with intent and we feel that the candle you recieve will indeed be the perfect candle for you!



Pure Soy Coconut Wax

Freyja - Norse Goddess ~ 8oz

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