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Medusa ~ For Protection, Evil Eye


Notes: Moon Flower

Crystals: Blood Stone

Herbs: Lavender

Charm: Evil Eye (shapes and colours may vary)


Getting to know the items in your candle will not only help you to focus your energies when you use them but also allows you to go beyond the suggested use. When you are aware of the energies and associations the crystals and herbs have, you may focus on one or several of the items in the candle through meditation and visualization to bring forth that specific energy. This allows you to use the candle for any purpose within the realm I have created for you. This allows you to truly focus your candle on your intent. 


Blood Stone: It is believed that bloodstone can provide protection against negative energy, psychic attacks, and emotional vampires. Enhancing decision-making: Bloodstone is said to enhance analytical thinking and facilitate logical decision-making. It helps to weigh all options and choose the best course of action.


Element: Fire

Sign: Aries, Pieces and Ophiuchus (snake-bearer)  

Planet: Mars and Earth

Dieties: Brigid, Dione, Persephone,


Lavender: While it indeed holds sway over matters of the heart, lavenders' powers extend far beyond romantic entanglements. This herb serves as a potent talisman for stress relief, enhancing mental clarity and fortifying one's spirit. Lavender is the perfect purifying botanical... great for clearnign doorways, spaces and opening the third eye. Plantint Lavender brings luck. 


Element: Air

Sign: Gemini 

Planet: Mercury

Dieties: Venus, Parvati and Selene


A beautiful tin presentation; easy to take on the go and for small alter areas. Snuff with the metal lid if needed. It is not recommended to blow out your candle. Blowing is thought to put the two elements of air and fire against each other which can disrupt the energies within your space.


All candles are handmade and therefor they are completely OOAK. This means that your candle may not look exactly like the candle pictured but they are all made with intent and we feel that the candle you recieve will indeed be the perfect candle for you!


Sometimes certain crystals and herbs are not available. The listed are just examples of possible crystals that may be present in your candle (mostly they will all be included and noted if not). We choose the best crystals and herbs to adorn your candle according to the intention of the candle and what is currently available. Many of the herbs are grown by me in my magickal garden or locally by a friends.



Pure Coconut Wax

Medusa 4oz

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