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Sain ~ To rid you of bad habits


This round of Sain was made during the Winter Solstice Full Moon in Gemini.


Notes: Stimulating, invigorating combination of garden rosemary and cool peppermint

Crystals: Olivine, Fluorite, Rutilated Quartz

Herbs: White Sage, Cedar, Rosemary, Cinnamon


Getting to know the items in your candle will not only help you to focus your energies when you use them but also allows you to go beyond the suggested use. When you are aware of the energies and associations the crystals and herbs have, you may focus on one or several of the items in the candle through meditation and visualization to bring forth that specific energy. This allows you to use the candle for any purpose within the realm I have created for you. This allows you to truly focus your candle on your intent. 


Olivine symbolizes cheerfulness and promotes friendship. It has strengthening and protection qualities. It helps to reduce anger and combats envy and resentment. Helps those in need make amends (lingering spirits or other). It transforms negative feelings into possitives. It combats sadness, melancholy and depression. 


Chakra Classification: Heart

Star Sign: Cancer


Fluorite Symbolizes responsibility and obedience. It gradually removes pain, clears energy blockages and helps to heal wounds. Florite awakens suppressed feelings and combats narrow-mindedness.


Chakra Classification: Rainbow coloured stones work well on the third eye, Yellow on the solar plexus

Star Sign: Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces


Rutilated Quartz symbolizes unity. The stone belongs to the Quartz family and is also called Tourmaline Quartz. It has great power against negative energy. It is a harmonizing stone that promotes tranquility and relaxation while reducing agression. 


Chakra Classification:  Third Eye, Secondary Chakras of the Hands and Feet

Star Sign: Capricorn


White Sage is an essential and sacred tool for cleansing both yourself, your aura and your space.  For thousands of years, white sage has been believed to be a blessed, sacred, cleansing, cathartic, purifying, and protective plant. It has the strength to rid you and your space of negative energies that might be blocking your ability to receive good fortune, luck and