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I have been hired to do a lot of hair and makeup for both Movies, Theater and most recently Pinup Pageants and I love styling for these Dolls! I have then wanted to attend the pageant to see how the Dolls do and of course no matter what ribbons or prizes you receive you are sure to win my approval as I know just how much work goes into being a contestant! You have to plan an outfit, hair, makeup, accessories, choose music and make a routine to go with that music and each pageant has rules that should be followed to keep everyone in line; and believe me there is a very fine line between Charm and Cheeky.

Sometimes the most important things are so easily overlooked when we prepare for a pageant and Charm is one of them. When I host my Mrs. Cherry Pie Pageant I am watching the Dolls who have entered from the time they meet me at the part until we announce the winners. I am looking for a Doll that exudes Charm from beginning to end which means that it is not simply a routine as you walk across a stage, it is not just how you look... oh no, it is far more than that indeed!

Things that I have noticed over the years is that women do not know the simple things any more. They are great at applying a Kardashian makeup and will spend a fortune on a great dress, shoes and bag but when it comes to Charm... well, there is a lot to be desired at times. Something as simple as sitting in a chair while you wait for the other contestants to complete their routines can set you apart from the rest. Did you know a lady never sits to the back of her chair for instance, we perch on the edge with uncrossed legs and at most a crossed ankle is acceptable. Depending on your body type and dress style sitting on a chair too far in and crossing your legs allows a little too much skin to show so tipping ones legs to ones side, knees together is far more flattering and allows your dress to drape and be more modest.

I have seen girls in corsets and tight fitting suggestive outfits and even gone as far as laying on the ground to pose and while this is great for the bedroom it is not acceptable for a family style pinup contest. Charm is such a small word but is a HUGE talent and shows so much more beauty and elegance than the Cheekiness of a flash of this and that. Nothing turns me off more than a Doll that gives it all away and doesn't show a little restraint.

Now don't get me wrong, as I said, it's a FINE LINE between Charm and Cheeky... a hot little wiggle dress with a push up bra that seems to peek it's way out of the top of your sweetheart neckline is absolutely stunning! That my dears is called Flirting and that is very acceptable indeed. For heavens sake, Marylin Monroe made her living mastering the flirt but even if Betty Page were in a Pinup Pageant, she would exude Charm and leave her saucy cheeky side for closed doors.

I realize that the world is a different place and mostly we should be thankful for that as there were a lot of not distasteful things in the 1950's but I feel it is a loss that we no longer have Home Economics as a school class for girls & boys any longer. We used to teach how to be a lady with class and elegance. So I have decided to start a Charm School at the Parlour. Occasionally hosting a workshop that I will cover all kinds of aspects of being a charming lady. I will touch on tips such as sitting, that you might think is obvious but I have seen it with my own eyes that this is not so. How to network at a party and many other things.

I hope to help enlighten the ladies of today and bring back a little charm to our days.

See you in Charm School Dolls!

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