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Gold Winner! BEST Salon in Belleville!!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me/ Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour! We have moved up to GOLD this year and are now the Best Salon in Bellville!  

I always feel extremely proud to have created a space that you all love so much and it astounds me that with just me here, no other salon stylists, assistants, owners etc. I have ranked once again. I have no one to help me to gain votes. It's just me here and YOU! Each year I have moved up in the ranks; first Bronze, then Silver last year and this year GOLD! It shows me that something I have done and created here in our beautiful "town" of Belleville, I did right.  

I wanted to create a space where women would feel pampered and comfortable. I wanted to offer my services in a way that I felt was lacking in the industry. No booming loud music, No rushing around, No multitude of people working on your hair, No overly high pricing, just me & you, chatting and spending time together. 

I am proud to say that after 38 years of doing hair... I keep up with my skills. I take courses every year to keep me up to date on all hair related things. I love what I do and until I lose the passion, I hope to be here for you! I love creating your individual style profile, be it through cutting or chemical services and I especially love taking care of your hair! Keeping the integrity of your hair has always and will always trump everything else. If I feel it should not be done because it will ruin your hair, I am upfront and honest with you about that and offer other options that would work better for you. 

Creating this space was a dream of mine since, well, it seems forever! It was scary taking that first step. But, with the support and love of my family, we did it! I have loved every moment of my career... well, almost every moment. There were some small blips, working with actors or teaching, that were not really all that happy BUT I learned a lot there too. I learned to be true to who I am. I gave it my all every time and I learned I can't control what others do and so... I just always do my best and let the chips fall where they may. In the end... I have been very blessed to mostly have wonderful days. Sometimes those days are filled with tears for what you are going through, sometimes tears of laughter too. Sometimes they are tiring with full days of creating magnificent magical colourful hair, and I love being tired for all the right reasons! 

I am just so darn proud and happy today to see that I have made GOLD... that really means the world to me! THANK YOU for helping me to share my dream with you. I mean that! I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Without YOU ... there would be no Mrs. Rees Vintage Beauty Parlour and therefore no dream come true for me. 



We did it again! Sweet Pea & Grey Hare has ranked both Platinum and Gold for my candles! Wholly crow! I just wanted to say that this is such an honor. I started making candles during the pandemic. It was something both my parents had done when I was a child and I thought I would give it a whirl. I tried making bread too... THAT was a complete disaster and a flop... but the candles... have become a passion of mine!  

Created with natural wax of soy and coconut along with custom mixed scents, crystals, herbs and botanicals... I LOVE creating them. Mr. Rees loves the way the house smells and uses his candles every single day on his desk at JAYBIRD DIGITAL ARTS ~ Who WON PLATINUM for best Graphic Designer three years in a row now! I could not be prouder! His attention to detail, cost efficiency and ease of working with others has created a wonderful new business that he loves... and you can tell! Once again, we rely on YOU to live out our dream, so THANK YOU!!! Yay ~ Team Rees!  

So many of you continue to support me at the Parlour with my candles and I THANK YOU! I will be back to the shows next year. This year I was signed up for my personal favorite show Mistletoe Magic but for some odd reason I could not shake the feeling that I would not be there... and as it turned out, due to the recent break in at the Parlour and Jaybird, I would not have been able to get all ready for the show. Trust your instincts! But no one was hurt, and I got my camera stuff back... so onwards and upwards. Next year I will be back at the show, if they will have me! But until then, you can ALWAYS get your candles here at that Parlour! 

Thank you also to my clients who offer suggestions of things they would love to see come to the line of my candles. I am working on some great new ideas, some of which came from you! 


Congratuations to all the winners of Belleville Community Votes! Well done to everyone! It is not easy running a business and we should all be proud to place in these categories!


Congratulations to our friends who won in their categories!!!

Ruby Curtis Cowen Gold for Graphic Design

Rossmore Animal Clinic Platinum ~ Our extended family who has always taken care our our babies

Dr. Jim's Computer Repair Gold ~ Who takes care of all our computer needs

Big Deal Delivery Silver ~ Get anything delivered, anytime

All Access Music Platinum ~ Friend of a friend

Alarm Systems Platimum ~ Thank you for protecting the Parlour and our home

Keep up the great work everyone! So proud to call you all friends!


Congratulations that is great for both of you

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