Every Day's a Bonus

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and how you handle it is totally up to you! My Granddad used to say "Every Day's a Bonus". He has a real sense of what time we have on this earth. My Granddad was born and raised in England and entered the Army there prior to the WW11. He fought at Dunkirk so I am sure that living through this horrifying time really sculpted him into the man he was when I knew him.

[Actual historical photo]

The funny thing is, we did not get on with each other at the time. I was a very sensitive child and he said things that I took in a very mean way but I think if we met now I would feel very differently about him. I would understand more where he had been and what he had seen. I would have loved to have had his stories on tape or written down somewhere and I often wish we had spent more time together talking instead of his sharp remarks and my sensitivity leading to me running off.

I purchased a series on DVD many years ago that was called "the 1940's House". It is a British historical reality program made by Wall to Wall/ Channel 4 in 2001, about a modern family that tries to live as a typical middle class family in London during the Blitz of World War 11.

I absolutely devoured this series and was so excited about it I even shared it with several of my students while still teaching. These students were learning about hair and studying to be hairdressers and you might wonder why I would think they would have any interest in this whatsoever? I find that when we have no sense of history we are unable to truly appreciate and understand why things were done, so even when learning hair, if we know why women were wearing their hair this way based on what was happening in the time it is helpful and many of my students have gone on with a real admiration for the styles of this time!

One day my Mum was out for a visit and I sat her down to watch this with me. I think this may have been my 5th or so time seeing it but every time it touches me and speaks to a part of my soul. At some point I turned to say something to my Mum only to find tears streaming down her cheeks. "Oh no!" I said reaching for a box of tissue. I passed them to her and asked "Are you okay? It's very touching isn't it?" I said. By this point we have paused the series so we can gain our composure because her crying has started me crying.