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A Little Mystery Perhaps

The new Halloween window is up and I have to say... I think it is one of my very favorites so far! I mean... there truly is a portrait of me and Norman together this time. I simply think it is the very sweetest of all windows...

You'll need to pop over to see it in person to see the whole thing but ... it will be worth it!

Thank you to Ruby who created this awesome window as a trade for her fabulous RAINBOW HAIR! Find Ruby at RUBYBLUESSHOES If you'd like your own fabulous window painted!

Here is your sneak peek! Heee Heeee


Blue Zone eating plan and Metabolic diet update:

Full disclosure... I got off the plan for a bit there BUT ... I am back on. Sometimes that is going to happen. Life got busy and we had nothing bought or ready and so whatever was in the house is what I ate. No excuses... just the facts Jack.

It's all good. I enjoyed the time off but now I have been back to creating my healthy meals and starting my days with shakes. I have a sudden late night tonight too... way past closing time soooo, I made sure to also pack a dinner today. Something quick that I can throw into the microwave and get it in me so that I can continue on with my colour correction client.

I got an emergency phone call last night saying that my client (well, she will be my client now but hasn't been before. Two of her sisters are my clients so that is how she found out about me) did her hair at home again and this time... it's GREY and that most likely means GREENISH. So, I am fully booked for a few weeks now, but she doesn't want to leave the house... so I am staying late to get her back to a colour she can handle. I am sorry to hear that she is going through this. So many of us have been there.

Anyway, when I realized I would be here to well after supper time, I thought I better make it to bring so that I was not crashing and then just looking for whatever when I got home, tired.

I am glad to be back on track. Not much else to tell other than that I picked up a couple more EPICURE (Christine is my ambassador) meal packages at the FALL Release yesterday. I like Epicure and use to sell it myself because it is low sodium, gluten free, nut free and just makes late meals really fancy but fast. If you have never tried EPICURE, check them out!

Congratulations to Darlene L who has lost 20 pounds! You are looking fabulous my friend! Wishing you an incredible trip to Italy! I hope you take the time to enjoy all the wonderful food while you are away and get back on your eating plan when you get home... you only live once! Safe Journey!


Because I have such a busy day today, I am going to keep this really short. But as it is Thanksgiving weekend for everyone here in Canada, I just want to tell you that I am giving thanks for the Parlour and therefore for you this year. I am so grateful to all of you for trusting in me to do your hair.

Thank you for making my gatherings like Stitch & Story so meaningful and fun. Thank you for sharing your love of the Parlour with your friends and family and thank you for the recent donations to the new Parlour garden.

Thank you to Ruby for making my life that much easier by creating her magic on my windows so that I no longer have to store a million decorations and no longer have to come up with ideas and spend all that time doing the window because that gives me more time to be with YOU and doing what I truly love best... your hair!

Thank you to ALL my ladies who constantly offer me help in doing anything and everything that I am doing... if there is such a thing as a coven... you are all it for sure! A coven is a circle of friends, a women's circle of those who love and care for you and lift you up when you need help... YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You have all sent me messages, left me gifts, written me letters and sent me packages, sent me texts checking in on me, wrapped your arms around me at the door of the Parlour. THANK YOU for being in my circle. I feel extremely blessed to have you in my life.

Thank you to Norman who is my beloved grey and greets you all so bouncingly at the door! He keeps me safe as he does you and spreads the love and calm each and every day.

Thank you to Mr. Rees or “Mister -ries” (Mysteries) ... for all that he does constantly for my graphics at JAYBIRD DIGITAL ARTS and for his help doing any odd jobs around here that need fixing etc. We are working on NEW BROCHURES together and I look forward to sharing those with you all very soon!

I AM TRULY GRATEFUL FOR YOU ALL! I wouldn't be here if not for all of you!


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