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Last night at around 2am AGAIN the perpetrator from our last break in returned. OUR NEIGHBOURS from behind the Parlour 2 women and a man, came with BATS to try to get the guy away from the shop!!! SUPERHEROS EXIST!  They thought he was inside (he wasn't) and smashed on the back door to scare him out!


He once again tried to get into Friendly Fires, the Parlour and Jaybird Digital Arts... he failed this time... however, we know he will be returning. He also tried to break in to several other places in our area on this night and the last time that he succeeded in breaking in to our place. 


BUT let's just take a moment to talk about our neighbours! Um.... WOW! This woman who lives behind us, for years has been yelling at people loitering in our parking lot. I have always said hello to her because she seems like a good human being... and now she and a friend with a man, all thought they saw or heard something in our parking lot.... (this is what they said to the cops), and so they came to get the guy. SCARY! Confrontation is scary!  


I believe this earns them a lifetime of free haircuts... as long as my doors are open at least! 


At first, my MATCH thought it was a gang that came back this time... but when I watched the video, I thought I recognized our neighbour. There was already a constable here while I was watching the video, so, I menioned that I thought the one woman was our neighbour and so he went over to the building to talk to her... that's how we got the story of what actually took place last night. 


On the video footage we could see it was the exact same guy that came last time. Now two officers have seen him, and they agree there is a tattoo on the left hand between the pointer finger and thumb. He had on the same boots too... suede "Peter Pan" boots are what we called them in the 80's. 

I have now spoken to our neighbours to thank her and her friends. She informed us that the guy tried to break into her friends place last night too. They were all up until 6am this morning on watch! WTF! We are tremendously grateful to these people and she and her friend have seriously earned themselves free haircuts! It is the least I can do! Had they not come... The guy most definately would have had more time to try to break in... AGAIN.


We already have cameras put in, both inside and outside! We DID get video again this time.


He will be returning to get all our computer equipment. 


All cash has been removed from the premises. 

All my crystals etc. are being taken home today. 


My computer and my MATCH's entire office, which is his livelihood, are still here (thank Goodness) and must stay here! SO....




  1. Confirm with you that you are indeed coming for your appointment .

  1. At all times of day or evening, the door at the Parlour and Jaybird Digital Arts will be locked. 

  1. Just like in COVID times I will take you into the Parlour and then the door will again be locked during your entire appointment with me.  

  1. I will walk you to your car 


I understand that some of you may think this is overkill... my thought... better safe than sorry. 


My thought... Although it is unlikely... If they can't get in when we're not here and know there is more in here to steal... they will come when we ARE here!  


Our security system is being installed, however; I have no idea when. It is paid for... we are waiting for installation.



 What is happening in our town of Belleville is disheartening and extremely sad. We need to start Community watches again. Especially in the early morning hours!!  

I truly feel we need to ban together to watch out for each other. The encampments are getting bigger and far worse. The number of people who are in desperation, whether homed or unhomed is on the rise. So many people are going through mental illness and loss of jobs, homes etc. We are now heading into the cold season, holiday season and this brings on a tremendous amount of stress for people! 

Please give to the food banks if you can. Help at shelters if you can! Helping is all we can do. BUT WE MUST STICK TOGETHER to watch out for each other too! Criminal activity is getting worse and there's always going to be a thief somewhere. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! 


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