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Contest Time

I am starting a contest to win one of my new White Label 8oz Candles.

Share with me a photo of your WHITE LABEL - (must be the new design with the new label) "In the Wild".

That means I want to see a really awesome photo of your candle in your space.

The person who sends me the best photo, with great setting, people in the background or something that goes perfectly with the candle, holding it yourself, reading a book that goes with the candle etc, will win a new candle of their choosing from the White Label Line.

The contest will be judged by us here at Sweet Pea & Grey Hare candles company!

Share the post and encourage your friends to try our candles! You know they Rock, We know they Rock, so why wouldn't you want to share them with friends, so they can have something that ROCKS!

Here is a fabulous example of one of our SPGH gang using thier candles... our first entry!

Don't have a new label candle yet?

We have them in stock at Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour in Belleville, or we will be at Three Oaks Fundraiser on March 8th at the Core in Belleville, and we will be at Mother of All Craft Shows in Belleville May 4th.

The contest will be drawn on May 5th.

This gives everyone losts of time to get those photos just how you like them. You can enter as many times as you like. Be sure to share your photos on your pages also, you might just win a candle yourself for sharing!

Follow us on FB and Instagram and send your photos to me to be posted there or post them up yourselves on the post I am making about the contest.

Thank you everyone and good luck!

Thank you to Lynne Brightman for this awesome image! We absolutely LOVE it!


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