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Memoirs of a Hairdresser

Things are about to get personal!

I have been writing my newsletters now for a really long time and I love to write. I have written newsletters about actresses, history, the Parlour, things I sell and make, Family, Death, Life, Disease, you name it... I have written about it.

It's time for a change.

Within my little piece of the world, I have lived quite an incredible life. Sometimes happy and sometimes sad but it's my Wonderful Life!

I have decided to welcome you into my life and I am going to write about my experiences. My sad times and happy times, times when I was lost and afraid and times that I laughed until I cried. I am going to include stories that are not just mine but that became mine because I was involved.

It might be a bit of a wild ride because I have done and seen a lot. You might find I am not who you thought I was. Maybe that will be good or bad but it will be honest. And it's okay if you decide you don't like me as much and it will also be okay if you decide you love me more.

Some might think this is a CRAZY thing to do... letting people into your most private areas. Maybe I will loose clients because they don't like what they read. Maybe I will gain deeper relationships with my clients because they see ME and realize we have a deeper connection than just hair, makeup, photography and pinup. Who knows.

Is this scary for me... well, kind of. I mean, I know who I am and what my life has been. I lived it. But I am also at the age that although your opinion of me does "matter" to me in one aspect, in the long term though, I have found the me that I love and it took all the things that I will share for me to become the ME I am today. If any of the crazy things I share had not happened... I would not be the person I am today.

What will the very first snippet of my life be? Will this turn into a character development like a novel? It might honestly. Some of you may have even heard some of these stories before, while sitting in my chair. For others this might be totally new information. Some of you might read a snippet of my life and think, "Hey, that was about me." That could happen as some of these stories might be about my clients who sit in my chair. But whatever you "think you know", you don't "know" because your story might be similar to someone else' story and I may combine details of several stories of to make a shorter more interesting tale... but they will be based on true stories.

I hold the right to change names of people (to protect the innocent, LOL) and places and to embellish or combine stories to make them better. (a little lesson I learned from my Mother-in-law who always enhanced the truth to make it more fun).

So, without further ado

Starting next week on Monday, I will begin the Memoirs of a hairdresser.

Not all stories will be after I became a hairdresser, as a matter of fact... the stories will begin at the beginning. The stories will be shared from ALL of my life that made me the hairdresser I am today. It's going to get downright dirty and that's okay. When I say dirty, I mean honest. LOL (get your minds out of the gutter).

Have a wonderful week everyone! I look forward to beginning this journey with you.


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