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Poetry 2

A warning that these are dark poems with a dark humor... you may skip past them should they not be of your taste.

Poem #2

Kids Playing in Traffic

Splintered femurs twisted steel

Bloody toys a sight surreal

Mangled skateboards shredded bows

Some are dead, some comatose

Barbie's wearing tire tracks

G.I. Joes with broken backs

Skin grafts, road rash, busted faces

Contusions on the strangest places

They thought that it was really neat

To bring their toys into the street

A lesson learned the painful way

Of where children shouldn't play

Illustration by Jason's Mom, Lynda Rees. Thank you, Lou. I know you can see me posting these and I can still hear you reading the poem that you got and had to illustrate. Boy, did we have a laugh. And did such an incredible job of this illustration I would say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. LOL



You can now book either in person or distance Reiki with me online. It is really easy to do just the same as booking for your hair. I realize that currently the time I have available on Mondays might not work the best for everyone, but I will soon try to open things up and in the meantime... you can also book a distance healing. You will be amazed at how well distance healing works. It is not that different than being here and I believe this so much, I even got a very special helper made just for my distance healing purposes.

I would like to introduce you to Iyashi (Ee-ash-ee), my new Reiki Bear. He will be used to assist me in all my distance healing sessions.

As many of you know and some of you may not, I was an award-winning teddy bear artist, but I can no longer do that as I have issues with my hands from years of gymnastics, art, hair etc. So, I asked one of my bear colleagues to create me a very special bear for my Reiki healing. I would like to take a moment to tell you more about him:

At 12 inches tall, Iyashi, meaning healer in Japanese has been made from a lovely  vintage, hand loomed Hungarian hemp fabric.
His head and tummy have been embroidered with floral motifs, representing the 7 Reiki chakras, whilst they are not the actual symbols the motif designs are "informed" by chakras.  In total, there are 56 different coloured threads making up the embroidery - 8 per motif.   
Iyashi has biscuit coloured woolfelt pads , a mossy brown waxed and embroidered nose and hand painted detailing to his face.  He has been entirely filled with woodwood (including his head) and has small bags of steel weight in his ankles, wrists and tummy.
Iyashi wears a beige, crochet ruffle that fastens with a blue ribbon to match the embroidery of his throat motif.  Finally, the long distance healing symbol has been applied on the left side of his back, in a colour that matches his ruffle and is more of a whisper than a statement.
Height: 12"
Fabric:Vintage Hungrian linen
Filling: Woodwool and steel granules
Eyes: Glass
Clothing: Cotton crochet lace

I think you will agree he is simply remarkable.

I asked that this bear be specially made in only natural fibers. Victoria has done a perfect job at creating me this working bear.

As of Monday, he will make his long journey to me from the UK and when he arrives, he will stay with me at my home for a while until we are truly bonded.

There I will do energy work on him and each of his chakras to charge him.

His back even has a subtle image of the Distance Healing symbol. These symbols were created and kept secret except for those who have studied but no-a-days, the symbols can be found all over the internet, so I feel it is okay to share this image with you all.

If you take some time to research for yourself the bears online that are called Reiki bears... you are sure to see just how very special this wee man is.

My grandmother on my Mum's side was a teddy bear maker in the UK prior to WW2. She worked in the factories there and then the factory was turned into a building, creating for the war efforts. However, my grandmother, after moving to Canada, continued to create bears and bunnies for much of her life. Then I inherited all her tools and created my artist bears using much of her tools.

I have a deep ancestral connection to the Teddy Bear which makes this a marvelous tool for me to use when doing energy healing!

I look forward to sharing Iyashi ~ the healer with you!



I did say this in a recent post, but you know... it can't be said enough. I was worried I might be so busy, which I am, that I would not have time to write and might forget to say it so I said it when I could earlier but as it turns out... I have some time to write it again!

Thanksgiving traditions often run around being GREATFUL for all that you have! I am GREATFUL for ALL OF YOU!

I am also grateful for clients that I have met who have become friends. There are so many of you! My heart is filled, and my MATCH and I feel so blessed. So, THANK YOU for making our days, Thanksgiving or not, filled with love! We truly are grateful to have made it through COVID and thankful to be here, running our small-town businesses and doing what we love. You can't really get much better than that.

Norman also loves you all and is the most famous dog in town I am sure of that. There are people on the street who run out yelling "Is that Norman?" and neither Jason nor I have a clue who they are. I am not sure how it is possible but... we live with a celebrity!

So, thank you for welcoming Norman to the Parlour! Thank you for always petting him, bringing him treats and letting him know just how loved and special he is.

Norman was bred to be raced. He was too big to fit his cage and came to us so skinny... too skinny with no hair on his bum or legs or tail because he was pressed so hard into that cage that was too small for such a big guy... he was so stressed and went from track to foster, from foster to adoption and back to foster and then to us.

I knew the moment I saw his picture online that he was my soul connection dragon. When I called them at the adoption agency, they told me he had already been adopted and that I did not get to choose my dog. I simply said "Okay, no problem" but when I hung up the phone... I still knew he was my guy.

I went shopping that next weekend and bought all that we would need. BIG bed, raised food bowls, toys... and sure enough, that phone call came in the next week saying that for no fault of his own he had become available again. And that was that... we drove out there and got him and had to help him learn that LOVE is real. YOU helped him understand that people are kind and that he is loved... so THANK YOU from us and Norman Bates.

Happy Thanksgiving from the big black brindle DRAGON! He loves you and hopes you enjoy a very YUMMY Thanksgiving meal with friends and family!


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