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Stitch & Story Farewell

It's with a heavy heart that I'm writing this news but today I am sorry to announce that April Stitch&Story will be our last.

As we have now reached Spring, soon followed by Summer, which brought a decline last year in the number of attendees I am sorry to say that the last month's have been just myself and Kelly attending...

I tried changing the time as requested, then I tried to add a book club to make this even more wonderful than it was with really inspiring books planned for the rest of the year, all by female authors that have something really great to share. But once that announcement was made, no one signed up either.

So it looks like my dream of a knitting circle has run its course.

I want to thank everyone who supported the Gleaners Food Bank with donations each gathering. Thank you for coming and sharing your projects and patterns, for sharing your support to those who needed it and offered a helping hand. I wish we could have continued this forever... or at least until the Parlour closed her doors for good but it wasn't meant to be.

I'll still be knitting so I hope you will too even if we don't do it together. I hope you will continue to share your stitching projects with me... I will miss seeing them in progress.

Thank you for the days we made delightful treats too... that was an especially enjoyable time.

New adventure is on my horizon; Energy work, healing, reiki, yoga, breathwork, tarot... a calling to share and help others that continues to grow for me and I wish the same for you... growth and a wonderful Spring & Summer.

Thank you for the incredible memories ❤️


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