Tiki-Tiki ~ a Polynesian experience

"It's all in the hips man"

said Leo de Souza

It's funny how something as a night out at a restaurant could be that special thing that your mind remembers...

Seen above from left to right: Auntie Ted, Me and my Grandfather (on my Dad's side, Leo).

When my grandfather would watch the Holla dancers on the old home movies brought back from Hawaii he would always remark "It's all in the hips man!", a fun little saying that took hold for explaining how to dance well, still to this day!


Located in Edmonton, Alberta this restaurant was like walking into a tropical island and I am sure must have been just like going home to my father and his family. I know it was a favorite experience for them as well as me.

The large wooden teak style tables and dim lightening offered atmosphere a plenty. It was a place a family could enjoy together however I think the intent was more a lounge experience for an adult crowd.

To my recollection there certainly weren't many places to go and eat that offered an experience like the Tiki-Tiki other than maybe at Disney. It was a full immersion into a travel destination that we certainly would not have been able to afford. You walked into a Hawaiian fantasy from food to dance and music!