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In the Beginning

I have been trying to decide for quite some time now what to blog about... I have read many blogs over the years and many, many that are vintage inspired or related. I feel like the market for blogs writing on particularly vintage things is a bit flooded and I also feel that there are some really great ones out there which have filled a spot that I might have offered here, but when there is one or two already done right, why would I? So this has lead to a lot of thought! I took some time to break it down...

I asked myself many questions and realized that at it's core I am far more than just a vintage beauty parlour. The decor is a beautiful shell and what everyone sees first when they arrive at Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour but where did that beauty stem from? I am asked frequently why I was drawn to vintage and why I chose this style of "salon" as my business and the answer to that is a long one, but the short version is that I wanted to reconnect with the people that are my guests here, the people the are patrons and that I service. That was and will always be the BIG picture.

I believe that when we, entrepreneurs open our own businesses it is because we truly believe that there is something missing in the world and that we can make it a better place. We believe we can do it better than what we have seen done before or maybe we believe it has never been done before... some may think we are a bit arrogant and some my feel we are brave explorers and maybe we are a bit of both. I don't feel arrogant, I actually feel quite humble in that I just wanted to give people a place to go where their dollar was not wasted. I wanted to sit and listen to stories from my clients that will shape who I am because I listened. I wanted to give them an experience that they would remember; allow them to step back in time to when there was more time to spend on ourselves. I wanted to share my experiences with them especially in hair and makeup and also give them exactly what they want without charging outrageous prices for the services.

So, when I broke down the ideas and realized what I was and what the foundation of my business was, I realized what I could offer the blog world that no one else can... I can offer my experiences, I can offer ME. No one else can tell the story of my life, at least not the way I can. So many stories have been shared with me and so many I can personally relate to... so many bonds have been built through me LISTENING and truly loving the moments I have spent with clients over my 30 + years in this industry... and my favorites are already the ones I am spending here in Bellevagas in Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour Inc.

It seems far more fun to share experiences through my own eyes with you than trying to copy what others are already doing very well. I also get to share others work with you that way, I can talk of blogs I follow and love and maybe you too will find joy in them... SHARING is my favorite.

So we shall begin, me telling my stories and hopefully you will find some joy in that.

This is ME...

Me and Twiggy.

I love this Tshirt... it is from the Wicked Play ... I am a big fan of fairytales and also children's stories in general. My favorite is Alice in Wonderland and I collect all things Alice but I also get lost in The Wizard of Oz regularly. I like most fantasy and I believe in magic!

How dreamy....

My beautiful blouse that I bought at Classy Chassis which unfortunately is no longer open! I love everything about this blouse... the colour, the feel the fit! It makes me feel pretty!

Yup, this is true dedication... these are what I often sleep in to create my vintage styles. They are like little wee pillows and they twist closed. they give me the most glorious curls!

My 1940's sailor dress that I absolutely feel playful in! It is like wearing a HUG!

Not all my lipstick is Pink or Red... I like ones that match my blouse too! This one is sooooo pretty! MAC colour "Soft Hint".

Will always be one of my favorite hairstyles, the Poodle or the Up-sweep and I just can't get enough of it. It gets it all off your neck and looks so pretty and it is one of the quickest for me to do!

These are my glasses that are my faves... Dolce & Gabbana

I have a lot of different looks and I love hair so my hair colour changes often... When I was a child I used to watch the TV show "Are You Being Served" and I absolutely loved Mrs. Slocombe...

I could often be heard asking what hair colour she might have today or saying that one day I would be just like her. I loved her vintage hairstyles and the colours were considered so outrageous... and now my hair is PINK and I often where a roller set style too!

My NEW pink hair! I have had several colours of pink but this one is one of my faves so far!

My "I'm a Box of Misty Mints" Picture! I love this colour combo!

Mrs. Slocombe still has me beat on coolest colours eva!

I still LOVE this character and find it quite fun that even when I was a very young girl I was somehow connected with hair, vintage styling and colour in all it's glory! And just look at her glasses... I only have one set of great cat glasses so far but they are and have always been my favorite!

So when you come by to the Parlour and you see me in some crazy colour all twisted and twirled up into some vintage style, there is no need to ask why I have my hair that way... I do it because I LOVE it and I can! It's really as simple as that! I knew from the time I was about 10 years old that I would have this look and this hair... it's just ME!

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