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Tears & Tulips

As all of you know, Lynda, my Mother in law passed away and it took us several years to begin to recover.

One of the things I began in the Fall of last year, was to clean up the weedy overgrown garden outside the Parlour and plant a beautiful memorial garden.

The garden has begun to bloom and was beginning to look so beautiful but over the past several days, someone has been coming to the Parlour to chop off the heads of all my beautiful blooms.

This is not an animal... it is being intentionally done. The most beautiful blooms today lay laying in the dirt. There's barely even enough stem to tuck them into a little water to try to keep them alive a little longer

These have been cut cleanly off with a scissors or a knife.

I have been taking photos of our memorial garden each day to share with you. It's brought tears to my heart to see the state of this town. These perpetrators are not even taking the flowers... they are just simply destroying for the sake of being cruel.

Not only did these bulbs cost me and those who donated some bulbs, money, which as we all know goes far less distance than it did even a year ago... but this garden is here to represent our past loved ones.

Notice the word OUR... YOURS and MINE. This is a community garden that I am tending and this is what is being done to it. It's made me tremendously sad today.

If it's not a stranger who's too disoriented to realize what they are doing, then it's a person who knows me and is cruel and jealous. Either way... it's brutal.

As I write this, I'm sitting on the floor at my Beautiful Vintage Beauty Parlour, just inside the locked door, looking through the glass at my tulip garden with tears in my heart 💔.

First a break in at the Parlour in November and then a second attempt and then we try to create something for us all to share and someone just can't stand to let that happen.

Last night we visited the police station...

To offer our statements about the break in. The police got a hit on the DNA. I just want to say... the going into a police station to do this was both hopeful that they catch him and brought up all the scare and insecurities again. And then... the garden. The beautiful garden, that I wanted to share with as many clients as possible ... each day I arrive and there's more and more damage done.

So, here's the thing... if I know you... 3x reflection is heading your way.

If you're a stranger and just out of your mind... Please leave my garden alone now and may you find your way out of your trauma ✨️ 🙏

I'll be putting a camera in the door from now on... let's make a movie 🎬


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