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7 Creative DIY Gift Ideas for the 7th Day of Christmas


7 Gift Ideas that are No Spend

  1. SET A DATE: We know it's important to spend time with loved ones, so make your gift a commitment to do just that. Whether it's a monthly date for tea and conversation, a special weekend away with far-flung friends, or plans for a family reunion, the anticipation of a good time to come is a fabulous gift.

  2. PRINT A FAB PHOTO: Print a copy of that pic of you and your BFF in full '90s grunge mode, or a recent shot of a family vacation, and that photo is likely to find a place of honor in your recipient's home. Odds are, you have an extra frame around the house for it and, if you're good with a computer, you can size your print and matting for an exact fit.

  3. SCRIBE MEMMORABLE MOMENTS: Remember that time? Make sure they do, too. Write your favorite memories with your recipient on slips of paper and place them in a pretty jar with a label like "Jar of Awesome." Include some blank slips so they can continue the tradition with new memories as you make them.

  4. JUST IN CASE LETTERS: Compose a series of heartfelt letters to suit different occasions, and label them "Read this when you're feeling blue" or "Read this when you have something to celebrate." This ensures you send your loved one just the right message at just the right moment.

  5. GIFT A MIX: Give the gift of the next-best thing to homemade. Upcycle an old pasta sauce jar or mason jar and layer in all the dry ingredients to make oatmeal cookies, hot chocolate, your signature soup, or other favorite treats. Include instructions for the recipe's final steps for your giftee to enjoy weeks or months later.

  6. CREATE A PLAYLIST/ MIX TAPE: Craft a customized playlist to offer as a gift. Include songs to remind a loved one of special memories, add inside jokes, or find new music you think they'll love. Share your gift with them via Spotify or another streaming service. Alternatively, if your giftee is old-school, try burning a CD or recording a cassette.

  7. BE CHARITABLE: Here are just a few ideas for a totally free gift that can make you and your giftee feel great:

  • Volunteer for a charity or organization that's especially meaningful to them.

  • Take a day to clean up trash in a park or on a beach.

  • Donate blood.

  • Sign up for a shift serving others at a soup kitchen.

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