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A toast to New Beginnings

Who could have ever dreamed that we would be living the lives we are with all this pandemic adventure we have been struggling through this past 2 years.

Can you believe that in March of 2022, it will have been TWO years since this all began. The first thing Mr. Rees recalls as being the turning point, as to just how serious this whole thing was going to be, was hearing on the News that Ireland had cancelled St. Patrick's Day in 2020. This is how we keep track of the years that have past since our strange pandemic journey began.

If you were able to find your footing through this, you might have begun something new. A new craft that you have now taken to a new level and it has become your business or if things did not go very well for you, you might be dealing with all kinds of "not good" (and I won't touch on details here because... well, there's just too much).

I am sure that most of us thought this would be long over by now and yet it seems we are now beginning again in a new phase of this. So, I am sending out this extra Bugle to let you know that I care about you! I care that you are here. I care that you take the time to read my Bugle. I care that you are trying every day to "make it" no matter what that means to you!

I have been writing my Bugle in some form or another for years now. I have hundreds of people who receive it but about 100 or so who actually read it. I have found great comfort knowing that even 1 of you is reading my Bugle and I am sharing something worth reading. We all find comfort in our own way and for me writing has always allowed me to connect, if even in my mind.

From the time I was very young I wrote. I loved to write poems and short stories. I felt a connection with the characters I made up. Being an only child and my parents were busy, I didn't have anyone to actually play with; so I made people up. Lots of kids do it. But now I am all grown up and we now have the internet so when I write there are actual people reading it. I receive responses back from people (that's how I know the people are real) and I did not even know they were actually taking the time to read my Bugle. People are connecting with different things I share and I am really happy that I am able to do that with you.

YOU make a difference to my life. YOU have made it possible for me to feel a bit more connected and grounded through these unsure times. THANK YOU for being here with me.

Together ... I know I have said this a ton of time and I hope you know that every time I mean it... together we are stronger. Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour is nothing without you!

I want to wish you a great and happy NEW YEAR ahead! I want you to make a deal with yourself to keep going. Keep searching for something that makes your bright light shine! NEVER dim that light for anyone. EVER!

You don't have to do something grand... it can just be grand to you! If you like to sit and read; make a plan to read "x" amount of books this year (1 book a month or 5 books a month). Read books in new genres at least a quarter of the time which might find you a new genre that you love that you never even knew existed.

Practice something that you have always wanted to do better. If you DO it... you will get better at it. Mr. Rees is going to juggle more. He is an amazing juggler but feels he should be farther along with his juggling after all these years so he is making time to juggle. I am going to write and I am going roller skate (which I have had no time to do). I want to make time to get better at it. I have already completed another writing course this past week!

Mable's Bagel's started up in town and she makes incredible bagels. I frequent her house often to purchase. This started as a CV19 hobby and has turned into quite a successful business. If you love to cook or bake... do it for you. Post photos and who knows you might just pick up some clients... but FIRST do it for you! If anything more than that happens... it is just a bonus. My Sweet Pea & Grey Hare candle business is this to me. I loved it and now it is my side hustle. I truly love making my candles, especially my Black Label ones because they take so much time to think about and plan!

Maybe you don't feel connected to DOING anything... maybe you just want to take walks more and be quiet more. Then do that! Take more walks in parks and cities, in buildings and outdoors. Take walks everywhere! Breath in the air around you and be truly aware of the life surrounding you. Be aware of the way your body feels as you walk, and sense the ground beneath your feet and how that changes depending on what shoes you have on or don't have on.

My point is... L I V E !!!

Live this year like it was the last year you will ever have! We should all be doing this every day, all the time. But of course we can't. Life happens and there are mundane things that need to get done. But you CAN make time for YOU! Maybe not ever day, but some days! SOME DAYS is better than no days!

Try keeping a FIRST TIME journal. I talked about this in a previous Bugle. Make a deal with yourself to try something new every _________ (week, month, 2 months, you fill in the blank) and keep a journal of what you did and how that went for you! The journal is only important to keep you accountable. I actually threw mine away afterwards because the memories of all I did are in me... I didn't need to journal afterwards... but you do you!

I love hearing about YOU and if you want to share with me your plans for the New Year, 2022... I would love to help you enjoy your goals! You can pop me a line any time!

I think I am going to keep a journal this year myself! New content for future newsletters if nothing else! LOL

I guess I feel the pain and the hurt of these past couple years! I feel how scared everyone is. I know that for some of us that IS what these past couple of years has been! I know that some of you feel terribly alone. Maybe some of you even wait for the Bugle to come into your mailbox because it is the ONE thing that makes you feel connected. Maybe you are silently reading this but THIS is all you have. If that is true... I am very grateful to be here for YOU.

I LOVE YOU! I truly do. I think you are worthy of a beautiful life and if you have never been told that before... I am telling you that now. YOU are WORTHY of a BEAUTIFUL LIFE! Screw anyone who makes you feel that you are not. I want this year to be the year that you are embracing life and living AUTHENTICALLY as YOU!

I want this year to be the year that you are BRAVE! That you become the WONDER WOMAN that YOU ARE!

Put on that super hero suit and DO YOU!

Let all the nay sayers disappear! It won't be easy... but nothing worth doing is!

And hey, if YOU are already kicking some ass and truly embracing your authentic self...


Did you begin something new through all of this? Is it a side hustle or a full on full time new business for you?

I would love to share with my readers about your business so I can support and help you in that venture! Shoot me a reply to this Bugle and I will try to help get the word out about your new business... and hey... maybe I will even become a customer!


More than anything what I wish for you this coming year is...

Stay Safe

LAUGH often

Make HAPPY your main goal this year!

Be authentically YOU! Be Brave and DO! In the words of Master Yoda... "Try not. Do or do not, There is no try!" You will never know just what might have been if you don't do it! It's also okay to try something and then realize that you don't actually want to do it. Move on! DO something else until you find the thing that makes your bright light shine!

Don't give up!

Happy New Year everyone!

Loves Ya

Mrs. Rees


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