Once Upon A Time ~ a love of fairytales

Once upon a time there was a twin bed tucked in tight against the wall of a tiny room set in the front of a small house with a flat roof. A warm summer breeze gently blew the sheets that hung from the curtain rods over the windows that sat within the walls creating the corner of the room. The smell of roses and peonies wafted beneath her nose as she pulled the light cotton sheet up beneath her chin awaiting the beginning of the bedtime story her grandmother was about to share with her. Even the crickets seemed to stand still in anticipation of the storyteller's adventures that would be shared on this hot summer's eve. You could hear a pin drop and then the silence was broken by four little words uttered ... "Once upon a time".

Story telling is a truly magical gift and my grandmother was remarkable at it.

Where many heard stories from modern books written for children including fairytales altered by Disney, my grandmother's tales were told from memory. There were no picture books to gaze upon as the adventures were revealed, only the shadows cast upon the walls created from the streetlight outside and the vivid imaginations of a child's mind were the things that brought the stories my grandmother recited aloud, to life.

The stories my grandmother shared were those written by the Brother's Grimm and they were dark and alluring. I still have the fonde