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Poetry 3

Cross over the river and down to the end

of the road with a very large bend

Sits a really dark place

Out of time, out of space

To which this poem does send.

On the stones that are weathered and worn

Read the dates that they died and were born

Of the corpses below

Of the grass and the snow

That rest, until early mourn.

Then the bodies just rise from the grave

To primp and shower and shave

And put on their suits

And high heels and boots

And head to their jobs just like slaves.

Illustration by Michele Rees.


This is your Reminder: Today is FREE SHIPPING Day #2 for October! If you have something to ship within Canada... today might be a great day to ship but you must register your package online and have it picked up. You cannot do it at the post office... and you might need to be a small business... but I am not sure about that.


Vintage Recipe


The Garden

After this lovely weekend rain, our beautiful Parlour garden is now primed and ready to plant. I am just waiting for a few more bulbs to arrive from Dahlia May Farm. As Melanie has stated through her newsletters which I hope many of you follow, the season this year was too hot to plant your Spring bulbs until now. She was not able to ship the bulbs to us as the truck temperatures could have damaged the bulbs... so we patiently waited. In waiting... my garden, which has been deprived of love and water for quite some time, will not be moistened and ready to receive the beautiful bulbs that will soon blossom into gorgeous flowers this coming spring.

If you would like to read more about the planting season here is Dahlia May's How to Plant Your Fall Bulbs page!

I am really looking forward to Fall, AND Spring! The garden will bring much colour and beauty to the Parlour and memories of happy times and new times and memories we are not creating together!


Healthy Living

I am still plunking along and am constantly experimenting with new information.

Recently a very dear friend and client told me about another avenue I could investigate. She kind of, gently challenged me, as she left the Parlour, indicating that she would be going away on vacation and when she came back, she would be looking forward to seeing just how things were going with this newly mentioned 5-0 Method. I laughed but... I have actually started... as of the very next day after her leaving.

So, day 6 is upon me. The woman who created this system of healthy living is called Pahla B... maybe some of you know her?

Anyway, I did not know her but have spent the last 12 waking hours trying to get to know her system and trying to download calorie counting apps into my phone and print out her plan and tracker and here's what I found withing that short amount of time:

  1. I eat WAY too little. At least I do for her plan.

  1. Her plan is basically built on CONSISTENCY!

  1. There is no eating plan

  1. There are a ton of MODERATE videos in exercise that you can watch for FREE on YouTube. However... if you want results, I suggest DOING the exercises' and not just watching... Hee hee... HOWEVER she does indicate that you can lose weight on her plan even if you do not exercise. Maybe that will catch your attention! It did me!

The thing that I found most curious was the consistency aspect and the "I Think" tracking page sentences. You must write 5 sentences a day and then rate weather that sentence is Helpful to you or Unhelpful. It's a forced part of my journey as I am a pretty positive person. Today I tried to think of a sentence that I could write that was Unhelpful just for fun... that sentence was the most difficult to come up with.

Consistency includes how much water you must drink, how much sleep you must get... or not so much sleep but the routine of going to bed at the same time every day and getting up at the same time every day. It includes consistently eating the same number of calories... every day. Not starving on one day and binging on the next. Consistent exercise that is moderate and if you are doing more than what her videos indicate, you are to cut that by 60%...

I really enjoy the learning aspect of this journey and although I am not really seeing weight loss at this point with the Blue Zone and Metabolic diet, I am feeling healthier. I think just being aware of what you are trying to do for your body is a really big part of anyone's journey and I think Pahla B gets that.

So. let's see how I look when Miss Wendy comes back from her grand adventure. I am going to try to remain consistent through all my days and see how long I can make that happen.

Right now, my calorie intake needs to be 1600 calories a day. That was hard for me (too many). But I did it on day one... I now have an app to help me calculate my caloric intake. I hope I will not have to count calories forever because I find it tedious, and she does indicate that you will not have to do this forever. But Pahla also says that the most important and only way you can lose weight after 50 is to eat the RIGHT number of calories CONSISTENTLY!

Yet another concept. I hope it works. I am still trying to eat healthy but not totally

Blue Zone and healthy while now incorporating this new caloric concept.


Sweet Pea & Grey Hare News

Hallowtide is now in stock! Stock is extremely limited so if you would like one please let me know asap! THANK YOU!


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