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The Final Countdown: Celebrating Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas

Love this one! They will be very grateful for these. Just be sure they are freshly washed and in decent shape!

I make hot bag covers for our vets office too.


Free entertainment 

I have been signing up for the Adult Activity Kits at the Belleville Library for a year now! I highly recommend it if you want a free bag of fun! 

You receive a rented book, and you can pick the theme (if you want one), You get an adult colour page, a recipe card, several other recipes that are printed and suit the season, a word search and then the flyers to inform of all things happening at the library and gallery! It is really fun! I have filed mine, so I have something there for a rainy day! 

They also have an, Adult Craft Kit but I have never gotten that one... although, based on the Activity Kit... I bet it's wonderful. 



Not Free entertainment 

The Flower Letters... if you don't know them, they are really fun. I have gotten several of them and gifted all but one. Mine is waiting to be read and sits in my beautiful collector tin. I again, am waiting to enjoy these throughout the winter this year. They even have a letter series for kids.  

It's a subscription letter that shares a story through several letters that come to you bi-weekly. Really fun! Who doesn't like getting mail, especially when it's not a bill, right? 


Game Time

Here is a game you can play with your friends and family to find fun Holiday items!

Christmas Search graphic
Download ZIP • 5.54MB

I am hoping this attachment can be downloaded to your own computer and printed off at home, let me know if it worked for you!  

Below is the same image.

Happy Hunting everyone!


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