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The Scare ~ the silent comedic karma

Remember the Memoirs of a Hairdresser when I told you about my auntie screaming in the car... Karma's a bitch.

The car incident had not taken place long before this day. And let me state right now that I did not plan what happened to happen... it just did.

When I was young, I did a lot of energy work with my father. We practiced visualizations etc. all the time. Doing these "practices" with him were the way I played. I did not play with dolls and I did not play normal games. The reason I bring this up is because I was told on the regular that I was "invisible". My Dad would walk into a room that I was sitting in, in plain sight, and he would not see me. He would call out to me and then as he turned to look elsewhere I would say something like "I'm right here" and it would scare the bajeasous out of him. So now that we understand that for whatever reason, this was a thing with me... we can continue on to the karma story of my aunt and I.

She was out and as I mentioned my grandmother's house was rather small. There were not a lot of places to go to be alone. My aunt was never really good at housework and so her room was a bit of a mess. I mean, she knew where everything was but if you looked at it, you would think it was in complete disarray. But her room was upstairs and it was nearest the door of the house off the landing that lead to the kitchen and into the living room. It was a really cute little room on the corner of the house with lovely windows taking up a big part of the room compared to the size of the room. The other two bedrooms in the house were at the other end of the house with the living room separating them from her room. It was a nice "private" room.

On this day, the windows were open and there was a nice breeze in the room. I should also mention that this room used to be my grandmothers and later became my room so I truly had a love of this room. I was looking for a place to read. As mentioned I have dyslexia and I needed an very quiet place in order to read. I walked into her room, messy and unkempt and looked around for somewhere I could sit undisturbed. There was an antique metal frame on her twin size bed which was positioned against the wall under the windows. The dresser was across from it by the door of the bedroom and next to the door on the other side was a closet that no longer had a door and had only a curtain. As I looked around and looked into the closet that had the curtains pulled open I noticed that the entire bottom of the closet was covered in a huge pile of clothes. Then the clothes that were hanging came down to touch the pile. This looked like the perfect place to read. Cozy, quiet and out of sight.

I climbed in and got comfortable. The long clothes hanging slightly in front of me and the clothes pile supported my back and bum perfectly. I settled in nicely and read my VC Andrews Book, "Flowers in the Attic" or one from the series. I am not sure how much time elapsed but my aunt came home. I heard her come in the front door, she said hello to anyone that might be within ear shot and then headed up to her room. She was wandering around in her room, puttering. I was still reading but it began to become difficult to concentrate. At some point she came over to the closet and moved the clothes that were hanging on the rod back and forth looking for an outfit. I was not trying to hide. I was right there but she didn't see me.

It only took a moment or two for me to realize that she did not see me as she did not say anything to me and then turned away from the closet to look for something in her dresser. I thought it was fun that she didn't see me so I got to me feet, still crouched down and waited for her to return to the closet. I had no intention of saying a word, I just planed to simply stand up when next she came to the closet... which is exactly what I did. As she parted the clothes, I stood up!

I was not expecting the reaction I got.

It was like slow motion robotic movements. A tiny squeak escaped from her lips before complete silence. Her body moved into robotic movements with sharp turns and and brisk movements that lead her to her bed. She grabbed the foot board rail of the bed and slid down to the ground in a heap. It was the silence that shocked me. She sat in the heap on the ground in silence and all I could see was her body quivering. Not a sound except for that first tiny whisper of a squeak.

I was still standing just outside the closet trying to figure out what was happening. Once I realized that the quivers I was seeing must be her crying, I walked over and gently touched her shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her own skin! I said "Oh my God auntie! I am so sorry. It's just me!" As her head turned, her eyes met mine and I could see the tears streaming down her face. I was horrified but I also remembered the recent event in the car when she saw my face looking very close to the same. As she started to calm with further realization that she was not in any danger, a smile crept across my lips. "I am so sorry auntie. I seriously didn't mean to scare you... but karma's a bitch!" and then I proceeded to laugh. It took her a while to join me on that laughter but it did happen.

I will leave you with the thought that Karma will come to get you so make good choices and if it was an accidental joke you play, just be ready to take the joke yourself at some point.

Please stay safe and wash your hands and wear your mask.

Don't harm others intentionally and be kind to your people and animals.

I wish you always have food on your table and a roof over your head.

Stay warm and take time for laughter and playing.

Take time to read a good book this winter. Sit somewhere interesting to do it... a closet floor, a bath tub, in your car by the park or even in the cold on a park bench... try something new and see how it changes the experience of the book for you.

Keep well and if you like what you are reading and you think someone you know might like my memoirs also, please share my newsletter or tell them about my blog.

I love receiving your messages back to me about my newsletters! Thank you to everyone who writes when they feel a connection!


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