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Jeepers Peepers ~ Liners

Although we all seem to love the "Devil's Horn Pick", "Wing" or "Cat eye" ... and lets face it, how could we not... there is a specific time period for it's authenticity.


1960's eye liner: Things begin to take a throw back to the 1930's where eyes are the true star and liner becomes very playful with liner becoming theatrical in nature. Here the lover lashes are even drawn on to give even more emphasis to them. Liner was black and eyes were often double lined using white to highlight the eye even further. Inner tarsal plate or water line was lined with white as well. Crease line and lid liner were joined at the outer corner.


1950's eye liner: Our red badge of honor lips move aside and our eyes take center stage with the new French fashion look of the Doe-Eye. The "Devil's Horn Pick", "Winged" or "Cat Eye" liners were most popular in Brown and Dark Brown as apposed to Black. Both upper and lower lids were lined. Keeping your wing moving in an upward motion is very important or you will draw emphasis on a downward line creating a very sad and drooping eye.


1940's eye liner: Not much was used if at all until the end of the 1940's... and then it was only applied to the top lash line. Liner was considered to be too "Fake" looking during this time. Due to the war efforts some ingredients that were used in the creation of makeup were now being used elsewhere so once the remaining makeup was gone, women used home mixtures to help them through this time. Liner was often not worn at all, mostly for evening only and it was seen in a very fine line worn close to the lash line in brown or black. Brown for blondes and light brown haired Dolls and Black for our darker Gals. Powder (Day) and cake (Night) were used to line the eyes.


Today we often mix and match our hair and makeup styles to create an original look that suits our personal style.... and now you know where they came from. Stay tuned for more makeup and hair history and fun facts about times gone by!

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