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Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas eve has always been one of my very favorite days... even more than Christmas.

It's the day when all through the house, not a creature is stiring ... not even a mouse.

It's the night that we know that tomorrow brings all things lovely, including magic!

So tonight I want to share with you a Story... I love a good story. That's why I love my Stitch & Story so much! Knit or work on your craft and listen to a really great story.... it just fills me with everything I enjoy!

First a little Nightmare before Christmas because .... well, who doesn't love Jack!

The Night Before Christmas origninal cartoon from 1968

I wish you a blessed night and a Christmas day filled with everything you need and love.

And in the words of the jolly man himself "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"


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