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Dreams Do Come True

Yesterday I spent some time with a friend of mine. She paints my windows at the Parlour. I know you all love her work because you've told me as much! Especially our new character Wilma who gets glorious fashion changes throughout the season and Norman who also keeps up with his trendy seasonal looks.

The tree has now said goodbye to all her green and will soon be adorned with falling Fall leaves! It's an incredible and magickal window that represents the Wheel of the Year in such a delightful way. I don't even know what changes are coming to us this Sunday, but I know Ruby will be coming to add some All Hallows Eve magick! Oh and of course ... a little nod to Thanksgiving.

This was the last window with Ruby's nod to Thanksgiving.

Soooo sweet. I love Wilma's (Ruby's) fashion sense.

The back-to-School window was pretty awesome too... look at that backpack on Mr. Bates... ready to learn some new tricks!

Right now, Wilma is in her knickers... and on Sunday... who knows what delightful fashion she will be wearing! I look forward to this new window... my favorite time of year and all!


Yesterday, I spent the day with Ruby as she sat in my chair, and I got to return the favor of creating my art for her.

It's been Ruby's life-long dream since she was very young to have LONG RAINBOW hair. Yesterday we worked together to make a DREAM COME TRUE!

I mean... let me just say that if you ever have an opportunity to make someone's dream come true... you hopefully will realize what an incredible privilege that is and do all that is in your power to make that happen! I thought only rich stars could do this but now I know, even I, small town stylist and owner of the most awesome salon in town (LOL) could have such an amazing opportunity! (AND YES, although I laugh, I do feel I am the best salon in town. Never let your bright light dim to make others feel comfortable. SHINE BRIGHTLY and BELIEVE in YOURSELF! Of course, EVERYONE should feel and believe they are the best... otherwise... what are you doing?)

Bottom line is we spent five and a half hours doing Ruby's root lightening (I had already done the rest blonde through time, and she has grown it very long) and then we added the rainbow to her hair just as she wanted it. There's lots of ways to have a rainbow in your hair but this was her dream and so we did it perfectly her way! She and I worked on choosing colours about a week and a half ago and I made sure to have just what she wanted. Then yesterday we went through her photos (and she even made a digital mockup) of what design she had chosen for the application. Then I made a list of what order to apply all the colours and we got to work. It takes a long time, but it is worth it! YOU BET IT IS!

I am simply thrilled to have been able to make this happen for her! I am thrilled to have been asked to do it and that she would trust me to make her dream come true! It was also a day that will go in that Happiness Journal I wrote to you about before. What a beautiful piece of art! Just speechless at just how gorgeous this came together! But I mean... just look at the model.

And yes... this is ALL her real hair. No extensions!

Ruby has also had her hair coloured and bleached by me for years. You cannot get your hair this long with bleach unless you have a stylist that knows what they are doing. I LOVE colour... it is my number one favorite thing to do. I love keeping the integrity of the hair and WILL NOT put your hair in a situation that you will regret. Many clients will attest to this. I have talked them out of hundreds of dollars services. I have lost money to maintain that hair health! I ALWAYS have YOU as my number one priority. I ALWAYS will be honest about what I think is best and possible and sometimes that means I have to say no BUT I try to offer other options so you will still be able to have some fun in your world.

If you are looking for a change, be it colour or cut, I am here for you! If you want some advice on how to change your hair health, I am happy to help you. I work within your budget, but I will also be honest about what can be done for the price you can pay. Ruby's service was a full day AND her hair was already fully bleached except for the roots. If you were getting this service done from beginning to end... a full bleach and then full rainbow, it would be around $600 depending on how thick your hair is. RUBY has A LOT OF HAIR! We, however, do a trade for her services to do my windows and I do her hair. Unfortunately, I can't do this with everyone... because my heating bills, water bills, rent, insurance etc. will not do that for me. Darn it. I could really get into a full-on barter system and hundreds of rainbows walking around town! LOL

Ruby is an illustrator and designer. She also does graphics, creates logos and has edited books and recently created a deck of cards to help children express and deal with difficult emotions. AND she paints amazing windows for buisnesses in town!

Thanks for a wonderful day Ruby!


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