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Welcome Autumn

THIS is my FAVORITE time of year.

I know... it's when everything is dying, but it is a time of beauty and of being grateful for all we have also. It is a time to look at all we have accomplished during the year. It is a time of harvests and canning and freezing our food so that we may be ready for the cold months ahead. It is a time to take longer walks with Norman and a time to begin thinking more of others.

At this time of the year, I am often in bed earlier. I snuggle under blankets and begin reading my October themed book. This year I have chosen Dr. Sleep by Stephen King. It is the sequel to The Shining, one of my all-time favorites. I just began the book last night, on Stephen's birthday and so far, we are off to a banging start. It's got that Shining vibe for sure and created some very strange dreams last night.

Do you choose your books to follow the seasons? I already have a few lined up for the Christmas season and if I can get through this one before November, I'll get another magickal book in also.

I really made an effort to focus on reading this year. I tried to make time within my busy schedule to get some entertainment reading done and after looking at my accomplishments this year, I'm really impressed. I may have read way less than some of you, however, for me, what with the Parlour, Candles, Knitting group ... I am thrilled with where I got. Most I read with my own eyes and just a couple I got done through audio book on my walks with Norman.


IT'S FALL! How awesome! Welcome Fall!

Do you have special things you do during the Fall Season?

For us, this is the beginning of our new year. It is a magickal time of year in which we celebrate our ancestors and imbibe in yummy delights. YEP... that means that some of the days my eating is going to take a swing over to the dark side HOWEVER, I have over the past few years, begun a tradition of baking pies and my all-time favorite at this time of the year are my SOUL CAKES!

The Soul Cakes are absolutely fabulous, and I have taken more to eating these homemade treats than the store-bought candies and chocolates. HOWEVER, are you ready?... I don't know if you are!

I LOVE candy corn! LOL

I am 100% positive that these are not on the Blue Zone diet plan! LOL

Most of you reading this HATE them but I LOVE them. They are so sweet it makes your teeth hurt! I love their waxy texture, thier vanilla flavor and they are addictive as all get-out for me. So, I only buy one small bag each year and that is all I get for the entire season! Otherwise... there is no turning back. It is far too early to buy mine yet this year but come October... yup!

Sticking mostly to the soul cakes through the season is more on the healthy side and they are delightful. The idea behind them is that each one you eat, you save a lost soul. I make mini cup cake or one-bite size so that we save many souls. The smaller size also sits very well on our ancestral altars which we decorate specially for this season to honor all our loved ones who have passed through the veil. We offer them soul cakes throughout the seasons along with wine, whiskey, sherry, port etc. It is a whole season of remembering those we miss and love.

I dress the altars with photos of them, we add items we know they loved, flowers like marigolds which I grow myself in my garden through the summer season so that I will love and tend to them all season to then offer them to our loved ones. We put mini pumpkins, fall leaves, acorns and warmly decorated clothes to add to the decor.

And then, of course the finishing touches are always Sweet Pea & Grey Hare candles.

Hallowtide will soon be available. If you want one, please reach out now so I can be sure to have it ready for you on time for All Hallows Eve. I also have Pumpkin King and Season of the Witch in stock at the Parlour!


If you would like to learn more about Soul Cakes or make some yourself... this is where I got my original recipe from. Over the years, I have added things, changed things and it doesn't seem to matter. They always come out just perfectly. I have made them with no egg and totally vegan and I have made them gluten free too. I have used different nuts if I was unable to find Hazel nuts and different fruits depending on what is available. They are ALWAYS yummy! So, you do you!

Happy Fall everyone!


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