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On Day 10 ~ Hold the Door


How about some Christmas Sewing Project Ideas! I really love so many of these and I hope you do too!

Or Some Christmas Cross Stitch Projects

I am really loving this ladies projects and I hope these were fun for you to watch also!


Hair Tip

It's STATIC time of year again. Here are a few things you can do to help with staticy hair:

  1. Carry an unscented Bounce Sheet in your pocket or purse. When you get indoors into the dry heated air, just run the sheet over your hair gently to calm the static.

  2. Carry a small travel brush in your purse and a travel size Static Guard spray. Spray the brush lightly and then brush your hair.

  3. Be sure to condition your hair every time you wash it.

  4. Upgrade your hairdryer to an IONIC dryer

  5. Book a hair treatement and get that hair fully moisturized.

1 Comment

Held the door for 25 children yesterday lol

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